Sunday, May 21, 2017

Inbound and down #13: The Lost Collector

Haven't seen any Topps Bunt down here in South Florida yet, but thanks to a PWE from everyone's favorite Tino Martinez collector, AJ from The Lost Collector blog, I now have a good start on the '17 Bunt Blue Jays team set.

AJ even mentioned in his note that he has that special knack for pulling Blue Jays that I don't seem to have...

I like the look of the inserts, the Infinite has a pretty good photo of J.A. Happ and tells the story of him growing up in Peru, Illinois, which is about 100 miles SW of Chicago. 

Glad that they used a photo from last year's pink weekend for Bautista.  It would be cool to see more cards featuring the pink bats/pads, etc.

It's definitely not hard to tell the parallel cards when they come out of packs, as evidenced by the Marcus Stroman blue parallel that made the ride down here to the swamp.  For those that are into chasing rainbows, there's also black, green, purple, red and orange parallels to keep you busy.  I think the blue looks great for the Jays, I may have to grab the remainder of that parallel for the team set as well.

Maybe one day I'll get down to getting my Jays want list updated with the boat load of '17 sets that have already been released.

Thank you for the PWE AJ!  Much appreciated as always.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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