Sunday, May 14, 2017

1528: I never go home from the card show with this much money

Yesterday might have been a record breaking day for me.  I couldn't tell if I've ever only spent $25 at a monthly card show here in Florida. 

I did it on the cheap for sure.   Only picked up stuff that was necessary for PC's, SNIH, and set building.  Nothing fancy, just cards I needed.

Serial #'d cards.  If I need them, they'll come home with me.  The Potvin Totally Certified was an exciting find for me, I hadn't seen one before so there was no delay in adding it to the pile.  Don't yell at me, but Donruss/Panini is growing more and more on me.  2-LO jumped onto the pile as quick as Felix's card did.

This is another reason why I'm enjoying Panini more by the day.  Yes, they are missing logos, but the cards/photos that they are generating in a lot of cases don't make me notice.   This is a perfect example, and the high socks make it an even better picture.

A couple of cards for the Serial #'d Hockey set.  I didn't want to go too crazy with these, as I know Doug from Sportscards from the Dollar Store has a few to send my way.  I have a sinking feeling that Winnipeg will be one of the more difficult teams to complete, which is the reason why I grabbed the Pavelec.  I'll grab any Leafs serial #'d card quickly as well, even if I already have it for the SNI I'll just add it to the Leafs collection.

Hall of Famer jersey cards for $2.50 apiece.  On the pile they went.  Very quickly...

Sometimes I'm absolutely amazed by what I find at this show.  I had 0 intention of adding anything to my sets yesterday, but when the dealer told me that he'd make me a sweet deal for a stack of cards from the 83-84 OPC set, I went digging.  46 cards later (I mistakenly bought 3 dupes as my list on the web page was not properly updated), he asked for $5.  Can't go wrong there.

I scanned the Lanny McDonald card to show the NHL that they shouldn't worry so much about advertising on their jerseys.  Check out the Molson logo right above the Flames "C" (Rejean Lemelin is sporting the same jersey in this set as well).  Teams in sports all over the world are selling advertising on their jerseys, maybe it's time for the NHL (and other N. American leagues) to make a little more $$.

$1553-$25=$1528 to go.  Still a quite a bit of money left as we've already passed the 1/3 mark for 2017.  Still on pace to spend $1285 this year, so still quite a bit of breathing room just in case something pops out later in 2017.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. great cards at great prices. i was a fan of lanny's mustache - it's one for the ages.

  2. And your aforementioned serial numbered insanity cards on the way as of Friday.

  3. That Lanny McDonald card is glorious! I don't collect hockey and had never seen that one.

  4. Great pickups! My favorite is that Gartner jersey for $2.50. Sweet find.

  5. Went to a show a few months back. Didn't buy a thing. That was a first