Tuesday, May 9, 2017

1553: Heritage

Finally getting around to posting the 5 packs of Heritage I bought while on weekend errands a week and a half ago.

I'm trying to get a good chunk of the base set done before I go into an extended Heritage hibernation, meaning hunting down the SPs for the set which total 100 this year (sigh).

Let's have a look at each pack and see if there's anything interesting.

Pack 1:

The first of 2 1/2 and 1/2 packs...

1/2 of the pack is horizontal, 1/2 is vertical.  Not a bad pack, the Jameson Taillon is a SP card.   Best of luck to Jameson btw, here's hoping he recovers successfully from his testicular cancer diagnosis.  The Darwin Barney card will go into the Jays collection.

Pack 2:

Melvin Upton Jr. goes into the Jays collection as well.  The unknown Padres RC Home Run card is available to anyone out there who might want it (it's actually Hunter Renfroe).  No SPs in this pack. 

Pack 3:

Pulled the New Age Performers Kyle Hendricks card, available to anyone who may want it.  The 9th card was a horizontal one, the Royals team card.  No SPs in this pack as well. 

Pack 4:

The missing 9th card is Craig Kimbrel of the Red Sox.  The Then and Now Marichal/Porcello card is available if wanted by anyone out there...

Pack 5:

I'll probably end up sending the Topps Game card of Tyler Glasnow to Matt of Bob Walk the Plank fame.  Wonder how Topps gets away with placing RC designations on insert cards.  The missing 9th card is the Reds team card.

I showed off a "bonus card" in yesterdays post, a 2010 Topps Vladimir Guerrero card which was stamped with the Rediscover Topps brand.  I'll have to find a Vlady collector out there and see if he wants it...

Just one SP, so I still have 92 more of those to go.  It took me 6 years to collect 75 SPs from the '11 Heritage set, so simple math says that at that pace I should finish this set in 2025.

Looking forward to it already...

$1569-$16=$1553 left to spend.  That is going to drop below 1500 real quick with the contest giveaways from this past week.  Stay tuned for those...

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I really do like the heritage design this year, if for no other reason than it screams "vintage" to me. Been a bit busy, but I'm starting on that trade list for a return package for you!