Sunday, December 11, 2016

One down, 9 to go

One of my long term collecting goals will be to complete each of the O-Pee-Chee sets from the 1980's, beginning with the 80-81 set and moving right on up to 89-90.  Some of the sets I have bits and pieces of starts, there are a couple that I may only have a card or 2 of, and there's a couple that are just about done.

With the black Friday sale at COMC recently, I finally decided to get the last card I needed for the 87-88 OPC quest.  As it almost always is with older sets, the final card or 2 ends up being a star or some other valuable card in the set.  In this case, it was card #53, Wayne Gretzky.

What I decided to do is scan each of the pages to show off this morning.  What I found while going through each one is that the set is very colorful, meaning that the majority of the photos feature the players in their road uniforms (I'm guessing about a 80-20 ratio). 


The last card for my 88-89 set is the Hull RC.  Then I get to sit down and see where I am with the 89-90 set (I know those cards are around here somewhere...).  The 80's for me will probably be my all time favorite as far as hockey goes, it was a real run and gun game then where it wasn't uncommon to see teams hit double digits in goals on a given night. 

While these sets may not be as nostalgic for a lot of you compared to 60's or 70's baseball, I will never get tired looking through any of the 80's hockey sets. 

It's about what you like, right?

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Looks like the cards were Shot in Boston, New Jersey and NY Islanders home rinks - though I did see a few white uni,s Whalers.

  2. Very impressive to see them all like that. I just got my first of this design last month, although it was the Topps version, not OPC. (Marcel Dionne)