Tuesday, December 13, 2016

3, 2 and 1 from the almost done (page)

The Black Friday haul from COMC proved quite fruitful for a few reasons.   Part of the purchase was knocking off part (or all) of the want lists on the "Almost Done" page.  Making this a quick and simple post of just 6 cards, which removed one want list and shaved down a couple more...

Why I didn't chase these down sooner, I can't explain.  But getting the last 3 RC's (at least I believe they are, you never know anymore) from the 2015 A&G set puts it to bed.  Now I can start to work on the 2016 set, maybe some time in 2017 I'll start buying some more packs.

There's still a bit of hope that the '64 set may be completed in the next 18 days.  We'll have to see how the Christmas budget goes.  If I spend more than I expect on holiday gift giving, then the final couple of big ticket cards may have to wait until the new year.  Joe & Jerry here are on card #564, another high number off the list.   There are some of you out there that will like the 2nd high number card I bought more...

For just under $7, I finally was able to get a copy that was in nice shape at an affordable price of the LA Dodgers team card.  The only flaw on the card, front or back, is the soft lower left corner.  A lot better condition than I expected. 

Finally, the rookie shortstops card from the '73 set is now in hand.   Completing the '73 set wasn't on the priority list for this year, even though I'm down to just 3 cards.  But finding a Schmidt RC at a decent price has been very tough, and I imagine that will continue for the foreseeable future, unless I get lucky.  I also have the Dwight Evans RC to pick up as well, so the '73 set will probably wait until sometime into 2017 before it's done. 

There are only 14 cards remaining on the 3 want lists on the almost done page.  2 of which I have already bought from the '64 set.  Maybe my next goal will be to wipe out that page entirely before I get another set close enough to move onto the page.

We'll see how that goes...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. That is a nice Dodgers team card! I admire your set building skills (and your budget!)

  2. All that empty green space on the Dodgers team card is tripping me out.

    1. Almost looks as if it's drawn on a canvas, doesn't it?

  3. Great commitment to the set building process. Best of luck on the Schmidt RC!