Sunday, November 13, 2016

A story about a boy and a website

This post is dedicated to a boy who loves his hometown team, the Toronto Blue Jays, a lot.

This boy has a lengthy want list on his blog, endeavoring to try and get as many unique cards of his favorite team in hand. 

One day, that boy was reading some of his favorite baseball card blogs, and was intrigued when one of those writers mentioned a website called Just Commons.

So the boy decided to go on the site and see what he could find. 

There were lots and lots of cards from his childhood, all priced more reasonably than he expected.  So the boy decided to place an order. 

Lo and behold, less than a week later, the boy received not one, but 2 envelopes!!  Sadly, one of the envelopes was for another customer who had made a purchase from the same website.

The boy, worried that the other customer might be disappointed, sent the cards back to the website (at his own expense) and notified them that he received the cards by mistake.

Over a week went by, and the boy didn't hear anything back from the website, so he shrugged it off and figured that the website was run by some multi-national conglomerate that decided to just blow him off.

No matter, the boy placed another order, wanting to reward himself with some more Blue Jays for his collection.

2 days after the 2nd order was placed, the boy received this email from the website.

Hi Robert

I would like to thank you for returning a package we sent you in error. 
We were scratching our heads as we were
contacted by the rightful owner of the order and couldn't figure out where 
his package went. Fortunately we were
able to replace his order and im very thankful that a honest person 
received it and sent it back to us.
I would like to at least reimburse you for your kind deed and am sending 
you a Gift certificate for $3 on your next purchase.
Again thank you very much and glad there are still honest people out there 
going the extra mile .

You should be receiving the code within a few minutes. If you are dont see 
yourself  ordering from us let me know and
ill make other arrangements.
Thanks again.

Needless to say the boy was very shocked, and impressed, that this email came, and that the owners decided to refund the shipping costs he incurred to return their cards to them.

A couple of days after that, the boy's latest order came (the cards are in this post in case you were wondering), and that brought smile and a small tear to his eyes.

The cards were all in good shape, packaged wonderfully and arrived even faster than his first shipment!!

The boy swore to himself that he would continue to use the website, and recommend it to others for filling out their set needs.   The boy also  believes that the website is probably run by one or two people devoting their time and energy to making boys like himself very happy. 

Needless to say, that gift certificate will be used before very long.

Thank you very much to the folks as Just Commons, the email you sent was appreciated much more than you know.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Great story! The guys at Just Commons are a good bunch. I had an order from them shipped to someone else by mistake last year, but whoever got it didn't return it. If only a kind soul like yourself would've received that package...

  2. I've never bought from Just Commons. It's simply a matter of staying with what works and not having time to pursue anything else. But I'll probably look into them soon. I'll credit your story.

  3. Great story Robert! I'm a big fan of Just Commons. Usually make a couple big orders a year from them.

  4. You gotta believe in card collector karma. I haven't purchased from Just Commons lately... but I'll check them out over my Thanksgiving break. Need to wrap up a few sets.

    By the way... are those 1980 cards O-Pee-Chee's too?