Saturday, January 25, 2020

Serial Saturday #29: A couple of numbered cards for the player collections

A pretty slow week around the house trade wise, and card wise.  I put $40 into my COMC account and bought a few cards for the '79 set, along with the Dave Winfield RC from '74 Topps.  I probably will not see those until some time in February, so let's move on with the one trade envelope that I did get in the past few days.

Traded with a newer TCDB member Bob (TCDB ID:abide), a quick 4 for 2 swap.   I sent off a Kris Bryant manupatch card and a serial numbered card from the Astros and received a pair of Ichiro cards and a pair of Jim Thome cards.

2 serial #'d cards, one for each player, and that's what we'll show today.

A slight crease in the upper right corner was a bit of a bummer, but it's still nice to have an older Ichiro card, this being a 2005 UD Gold exclusives parallel, 54/99.  It's only the 2nd card I have of Ichiro numbered to less than 100, so it is a nice add for sure!  My Ichiro collection is now up to 225 cards, a drop in the bucket for him as he has 16,943 cards listed on the TCDB website.  

I didn't discover these Topps Co-Signers cards until a few years after I started blogging back in 2011, but I kind of developed a soft spot for them.  Lots of foil, and as you can see, Paul Konerko is kind of washed out with the scan.  But the serial numbering is my weakness as you all know, and having one of just 175 copies is always a plus for me. 

I'll look to add more of these serial numbered Co-Signers cards to my collection over time. 

I now have 524 cards in my Thome collection, which only trails Joe Sakic in my player collection counts.  I'm not actively seeking them out for purchase, but I'll add them here and there via trades as time goes along.

Enjoy the hobby!


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  1. Did you know that the card had a crease when you traded for it?