Wednesday, March 31, 2021

This was supposed to be it

A bit of follow up on last week's post about receiving the Ken Giles base card from the '19 GQ set instead of the green parallel.   A couple of you spoke wisdom in the comments and suggested reaching out to the seller to see if anything could be done.


There's Ken Giles in hand!  He arrived yesterday in the mail, 4 days after the seller reached back and said he was sending the card my way.  

That's 299 out of 300 with only Manny Margot to come my way.  Gavin is taking care of that (thank you Gavin!) with an envelope heading down here to the swamp.  Finishing this up will have me halfway through the Next 10 sets completed.  I'm still working away on getting the other 5 done, the 2002-03 Upper Deck Vintage set looks as if it'll be a tough nut to crack with a bunch of SPs on the final 25-30 cards needed to get it done.

Persistence will payoff in the long run...

Enjoy the hobby!



  1. You did the right thing by giving them a chance to fix their error.

  2. Yay! I'm glad the seller made good. An honest mistake, I'm sure, and they did you right.

  3. Glad the seller took care of you. I hope we get to see a completed set post with all that green glory!