Saturday, March 13, 2021

Finished pages are always good

 One of the goals at the beginning of the year was to start filling some vintage pages.  Sometimes those holes can get a bit depressing.  I put a dozen cards away from my '72 Topps set build this morning and I was able to knock off two more pages from the binder.

The pages with one hole should for the most part be easy, at least until I start tackling the high number series.  That's something I'm not looking forward to...yet.

The last card on this page that I needed was another of the Boyhood Photos of the Stars subset which featured the legendary Pirate Willie Stargell.

Not only did this page have a handful of the boyhood photos (plus one), it also featured Rangers slugger Frank Howard and the Braves Rookie Stars card.  I recently watched on YouTube a video of an early 70's All Star Game and I was able to see just how big a man Frank Howard really was compared to some of his teammates.

This page was an unexpected surprise to complete.  You don't expect with a dozen cards to put away that you will fill a page that is missing 3 cards, but lo and behold!

The more I look at this set and the completed pages, the more I get to enjoy this set and how the cards look side by side in the binder.  There's still a long way to go to finish this set for me, but the 500 card mark is just around the corner.  Just 3 more cards to hit that plateau, 27 more to go to reach the 2/3 complete mark.

I certainly didn't expect to make a push on this set in 2021, but maybe I will if I can keep finding cards at a good price as I have recently.  

I'll keep you posted...

Enjoy the hobby!


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