Sunday, March 21, 2021

Sunday 15: Seven & Seven

 Stuck to my plan with the $15 purchase on eBay, trying to knock some higher dollar cards off the vintage want lists.   This past week, I grabbed a couple of $7 high number cards from a set that I've pretty much neglected over the past several months.   1959 Topps.

These are two players that I hadn't heard of, but with the way that card prices are rising in the current economy, 7 bucks apiece for a pair of high numbers was something I could live with.

I took a quick look at the remaining 77 cards on the '59 want list and I found a bit of hope.  I believe that there is about 2-3 dozen cards that I can hit up with my new plan and start to chip away at this set.  Probably the more doable plan for the near future will be focusing on hitting the 500 card mark in hand, which is just 5 cards away.  

Hitting that milestone may make me a little more motivated to get this done, but then when I look at what's left I cringe and put that thought in the back of my mind.

3 Mickey Mantle cards will do that to a fellow.

Enjoy the hobby!!



  1. Keep chipping away...such a nice set.

  2. This really isn't a good time to be buying Mickey Mantle's, but I think you already knew that.