Sunday, March 28, 2021

My bookkeeping failed me ---a little

Well, there have been some interesting developments in my quest to finish off the '19 GQ green parallel set.

  • The eBay transaction last week that resulted in a fail is turning into a positive.  The seller is sending me the Ken Giles green GQ card!  A wonderful result to say the least
  • While going through the binder today, I found that I'm missing #116 Manny Margot.  Thought I had it, but it appears that I don't.  Back on the want list it goes
  • I received the card below, thinking it would be the 2nd last card for the set.

Seeing cards like this come in makes me enjoy the beauty of the set (in my eyes) even more.   

I'm glad that I have myself in the habit of checking the entire set that's put away before I declare it complete, as on more than one occasion I've been missing a card here and there.  My bookkeeping keeps failing me.

Or maybe it's my issue of not putting my cards away timely...

Enjoy the hobby!!



  1. I can send you the #116 Manny Margot if you still need it.

    1. I do still need it. I'll hit up your blog and see if there's anything I can send your way. Thank you Gavin!

  2. This has happened to me several times. These days I’ve gotten in the habit of double checking just to be sure. Sometimes I’m missing a card. Sometimes I have an extra. Sometimes it’s both!

    Good luck as you finish your quest.

  3. Bookkeeping Failures? NO Comment.

  4. Giles and Margot on their way to your collection? A double win!