Saturday, February 15, 2014

Series 1 hobby box review: Help find some lost cards a good home

As far as I'm concerned, the series 1 hobby box I bought can be summed up in 2 quick points:

1.  Collation was good
2.  I managed to pull cards for everyone else but myself

The collation was better than I expected.   There wasn't one dupe in the box, and I scored 308/330 cards towards completing the series 1 set.   Definitely no complaints there.

Sadly, from the 5 rack packs I bought, I only had 4 of the 22 cards I needed.  So here's a quick want list:


Now as far as the rest of the cards in the box are concerned, they are pretty much for everyone else in the blogosphere but myself.  (I think)

Case in point.  4 of the '89 minis

No Blue Jays here...

Next up is the pink and black attack...

Again, great cards, but nowhere on them do you see a Maple Leaf with a blue bird.

Ruby Red more your color preference?   How about some power players?

Great cards, but they belong somewhere else than New Castle, PA.

The explosion of youth in the game during the last few years means that the future is now.   These cards will tell you that..

These next 9 definitely don't belong here because they are upper class.   I for certain, am not.

More assorted inserts that wandered into my home.  The before they were great inserts are thick, I'm not sure why?

Even the gold parallels don't fit in here.   The "jersey" card kind of reminds me a little bit of a bulls eye. 

OK, I lied.   There's one card that gets to stay.

The backs are still educational for odd stats lovers like myself.   Esmil was the only pitcher in MLB last year with at least 20 starts and 20 relief appearances.  Kind of a throwback if you ask me.

OK, if any of you out there know of a good home for any of the cards above, aside from Mr. Rogers, kindly let me know.

There is nothing sadder than cards that are in the wrong person's hands. 

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Would love to give a home to that ruby red Puig, please let me know if it is available, I am sure we can work something out!

    1. Hello Dodgers 88. You're up first, so the Puig is yours. Please send an email to to work out details. Thanks,

  2. I'll take time power player cards the Mauer and the Bench off your hands. Been working on another package for you.

  3. Sheesh the two Dodgers you pull I've got and I don't have a lot.

  4. I'd love to trade for the Rivera gold, Bryce Harper Upper Class insert, '89 Yu Darvish mini and Altuve red parallel.
    I (unfortunately) don't have any of the 2014 Topps cards you need but I do have a load of Blue Jays I've been looking to move.

    1. Kenny, I'm sure we can work something out. Please send an email to rmitchell6700 at yahoo dot com to discuss.

  5. Hey Robert, I can use the Ryan Sweeney red foil parallel. I should have some of your 2014 Topps base needs if you'd like to do a PWE swap. I should also have a stack of Blue Jays for you as well if you'd like to make the trade a bit bigger.

  6. Mr Maddux and Mr Simmons could find their way north... I wouldn't complain at all....

  7. I would love to trade for the Pedroia Upper Class and Rice Before They Were Great. Let me know and I can come up with something for them.

  8. I'd love the Hamilton and Dawson minis. That is, if they are still available.

  9. I could really use the pink, black, and a power players card - and a single extra each of the two Rivera cards and the Helton highlights in the base set, if you have them. I have the following: 40, 118, 144, 171, 199, 216, 287, 311, 316. I doubt nine base cards are worth all of those. LMK what you'd like to do though!

  10. I'd be happy to give Pirate cards and the Pedro LL a good home in Butler. I should be able to round up some nice Jays cards to make it worth your while.

  11. I could use the gold Mike Trout card. I can offer up some hockey Puck cards or/and see if I have any serial insanity cards laying around here someplace.

    The hockey was a set of cards in the early 90's where you got like three cards in a pack. It came with a Ding Dong styled snack. I really liked the snack so I bought a bunch of them before the shop ran out, and couldn't get any more of them.