Sunday, February 16, 2014

Follow up to the lost cards post, plus a few more Jays in the house

Thank you all for the great response to last night's post.

I have sent follow up emails ( or comments if I don't have your email available ) with responses.

I also have to send a quick, and very delayed, shout out to a couple of people who sent me a package.

First up is Marc from Remember The Astrodome who sent me a package of Blue Jays goodness, including a couple of Panini Triple Play cards...

The Bautista Triple Play card is cool, although the beard I don't think does him justice.  I don't even recall getting any of the Jays stickers over the past couple of years either, so the Lawrie was a good find.

Blog reader (and fellow Jays fan) Richard from southern Ontario sent me a great envelope of Jays goodness.  Since I'm a little pressed for time, I'll show off just a few.

How about some '87 Donruss Opening Day

Love the burgundy (?) red borders, they really look sharp.  Doesn't hurt either that there are a few of the Jays all time best players in this group as well.

You are going to be seeing double here in a few seconds.  Your eyes aren't playing tricks, I promise..

Can't complain about these two!  2004 Cracker Jack full size and mini of Roy Halladay. 

Marc and Richard, thank you both for the great envelopes, much appreciated!

If you have received an email/follow up comment from me regarding last night's post, let me know.

thanks for reading, Robert

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