Friday, December 7, 2012

The November project purchase #5: 60 card lot of 1975 Topps

This was my last purchase that was actually made in the month of November, and it was a good one.  I picked up a nice lot of 60 cards from the '75 Topps set, with some minor stars included.

Number of cards purchased:  60
Price:  $24.99 including shipping, which leaves me with $30.74 out of my original $100 budget.
Seller:  dbacks1111

Cards arrived in timely fashion and well packed. 

This lot of 60 put me over the halfway mark for the set, which is a nice mark to attain but with a lot of pricey cards still to go (Brett and Yount RCs for example), it will probably be some time before this set is finished.

No matter, the cards look great and I thought it was a great deal for the price that was offered.

I'm currently waiting on one more vintage lot purchase to come in.  The next lot is a nice '62 Topps lot that I got for a reasonable price as well, leaving me with about $13 for one more purchase to finalize the project.

Stay tuned....

thanks for reading, Robert


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    1. You may have missed the first post in this series. All of these purchases are being done on Ebay..