Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Breaking the silence

It has been a crazy five weeks around the house...

It got to the point where I had to take the insane amount of cards on my desk, and in my room, and just put them into boxes.  I was overwhelmed.  The insanity had to stop.

Packing up the cards allowed me to be "free" of the craziness that is/was my hobby.  It also gave me time away from the blog to look at what other bloggers were doing, and just enjoy myself without the pressure I was putting on myself to post something.  Anything.  Just to be heard.

It's funny now, that 5 weeks later, packing up those cards actually turned out to be the right thing to do.

Because I'm moving.

No, it's not down the street, or within a couple of hundred miles of where I am now.

South Florida, here I come.  I accepted a lateral move today to the locale that my wife and I have been dreaming of moving to for the past decade.

And it's happening fast.  2 weeks fast.  By either the 2nd or 3rd week in August I'll be down in the Ft. Lauderdale area baking my brains, and loving every minute of it.  So, in order to focus on the dream of moving to my retirement area long before I retire, I'll be pushing the collecting focus to the side. 

But I will not be totally leaving the blogosphere.  I'll be reading blogs, trying to keep up with twitter, and living vicariously through those people that I really enjoy reading and trading with.   Yeah, I know that is a lot of you. 

In the meantime, I have to thank a few people that were really gracious to send me cards while I've been on my sabbatical.

Jim from GCRL.  Dennis from Too Many Verlanders.  AJ from the Lost Collector.  Tom from Waiting til next year.  All took the time to send me envelopes even though I had stepped aside from the blogging community (somewhat).  That's what is so great about the blogosphere, there are just too many good people in it to walk away completely.

So, here I go, dark again.  For how long I don't know.  I'll be around.  SNI is almost done (I haven't gone completely card dead over the past few weeks).  I still love cards too much to let it go.

The blogosphere has taught me that....

thanks for reading, Robert

Monday, June 22, 2015

Indian head test pattern

Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, this is the only image I'll be able to put on the blog.

Sorry, but I'm going to be out of commission for a while.

Best of luck, Robert

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Knocking cards off of the top 30 list

Finally getting around to showing off a few additional cards from the COMC orders from a couple of weeks back.   Not only did I knock off a bunch of serial numbered cards for SNI, I also picked up a few cards off of my top 30 most wanted list.  I'm glad that I started that list, because what I've done is focused myself more on going after base cards for my player PCs.  Instead of randomly searching for more expensive jersey/auto/low numbered parallels, having the list of base cards (at least for now) has given me a method of adding to my collections without denting the wallet.

If there is one player that will probably see a lot of turnover on the most wanted list, it will probably be Brett Lawrie.  He's not a player that is chased by a lot of collectors, and now that he's on the west coast he'll probably fly even more under the radar (unless he's playing the Royals). 

I don't think I'd ever seen a Panini black Friday card before picking up this 2013 version, I must say that they don't look too bad.  The lack of logos really do hurt the overall grade, however. 

The Donruss Power Alley card wasn't on the most wanted list, but I happened to spot it for cheap when searching through the Thome list on COMC, so I decided to grab it.  Sorting cards by cheapest available made these 4 cards available to me for around $2.00 total, well worth it for a couple of his earlier cards.

My favorite PC is the Joe Sakic, largely because I've worked on it for a long time, and hockey is my first love.  It is disappointing for me that these cards, which are some of his early to mid 90's releases, weren't already in my collection.  Maybe when I start putting some of these bigger set projects to bed I'll be able to start honing on the Sakic PC, as it's the one that I'd really love to show off and grow  over time.

OK...that pile can be moved off the desk now

thanks for reading, Robert

Saturday, June 20, 2015

My first taste of series 2

I took a week off of diving into the serial numbered world to head to Target and grab my first rack packs of series 2.  Sticking with the under $20 limit lately, I limited myself to three of the 36 card packages.

I did manage to see my first two Jays cards from the 2nd series, Russell Martin and Roberto Osuna

I'm a set builder first, so I'll still need these 2 for the Jays collection.  Happily, Martin is proving my early season prediction horribly wrong and having a great season with the Jays so far. 

The 1st Home Run inserts are back, and while they look nice, they belong in other collector's hands.  If you want any or all of them, please let me know via comment or twitter.

Lucky me, the two Hot Streak inserts I pulled were of the same guy.  Braves don't belong here....

The Heart of the Order idea is interesting, would have loved to see Jose Bautista as part of this set, but no luck there.   I also pulled a Tony Gwynn, but that is headed down Marcus' way.

'Til it's over.  I've got nothing.  Yes, Mr. Perez is available to whomever wants it.

Mr. Sandoval strikes out on two counts; not only do I have the Red Sox finished for the SNI set, but the #1430 was already off of the list.   So, he is available to any Red Sox fan out there.

What brought a smile to my face is that I have 92 cards free of duplicates towards the 2nd series.  Nothing worse than a pile of doubles that just sits on your desk and doesn't go anywhere. 

I've got nothing to say here that wasn't already said when series 1 was released.  The base cards are nice, I will complete the set, but the insert sets don't do anything for me, so as usual they are available to those who request them.

thanks for reading, Robert

Thursday, June 18, 2015

What a great way to start off 2015

I know what you may be thinking, we're 6 months into the year (almost) and I'm just starting the year?  In one aspect of my collection, 2015 was just kicked off.   The Blue Jays "just the hits" page had been lacking in any autos or relics from this year, until today.  I received a fantastic trio of autos and a bat card from Matt at the Bob Walk the Plank blog.  Totally unexpected, but greatly welcomed.

If Reyes had been able to stay healthy over the past 7 years (he's only played 140 games in a season twice since 2009), he'd be a lot closer to the magical 3000 hit mark than the 2000 he's closing in on (185 away entering tonight).  Even though it's Donruss, I still like having this card as part of my Jays collection.

The next two cards are from 2015 Topps Tier One, a set that I haven't bought packs of, and probably never will.  Getting these two cards for my collection is definitely a plus.

The Jays could use a young left hander in their rotation, and hopefully Daniel Norris becomes that in the next year or two.  He's back down at AAA Buffalo right now hopefully fixing his control problems (24 walks in 44.1 innings), but he has the stuff to be a solid member of the rotation.

Loved seeing this card, as this might be the best young pitcher that the Jays have developed since Roy Halladay.  It was quite a shame that he lost his season in spring training due to a torn ACL, but it sounds as if he's a very determined young man, and will bounce back stronger than ever.

Finally, the 4th card isn't from 2015, but it's still a recent card of a Jays power hitter that I'm happy to have.

Limited to only 35 copies, I now have a 2013 Topps Tribute auto of Edwin Encarnacion in my hands.  Like many other autographs in our time, it's not the greatest, but I've certainly seen many that are worse. 

These 4 cards have put me further behind on the trade front with Matt, but now that I've seen on his blog that Penguins may be welcome, I may be able to find a few cards that are to his liking.

Thank you very much for the unexpected envelope Matt, it was really appreciated!!!

thanks for reading, Robert