Wednesday, April 26, 2017

30 Day baseball card challenge Day 2: A card with more than one player on it

With so many vintage sets on the go right now, I have a lot of choices for this particular "day".  My hope this week is to take the time and finish off my '64 Topps set, so I decided to choose a card from the first '60s vintage set that I attempted to build.

I could have easily just shown the AL Bombers card that I picked up a couple of weeks ago, but in the end I wanted to show a card that I've had in the binder for a long time, and to me is a very undervalued and under appreciated card.

1964 Topps #9

How this card doesn't list for more than $30 is beyond me.  2 of the top 5 all time in homers in Aaron & Mays, McCovey still at #20, and Orlando Cepeda is at #79 all time.  All 4 are hall of famers.  I'm pretty sure I didn't pay $30 for this card; whatever I did pay is a bargain.

I want to round out this post with a quick thanks again to Tony from Off Hiatus Baseball for coming up with this idea.  I'm going to enjoy giving it some thought on what to post for each of the 30 days.  Hopefully I can find something for all of them...

Thanks for reading, Robert

Monday, April 24, 2017

Inbound and down #12: Summer of '74

I had recently been sent some cards off of my '74 Topps want list when an email from Matt at the Summer of '74 blog arrived, stating that he had about 100 or so cards from my want list in varying degrees of condition.  (Matt has recently started writing on blogspot, so give him a follow!)

Needless to say, I wrote Matt back with my address and thanks for the email.  About a week later, a very fat envelope arrived in my mailbox, and shamefully I'm only getting around to writing about it today.

Matt did carve over 100 cards off of my '74 want list; '74 a set being one that I never really paid much attention to.  With this block of cards, my '74 set is now almost 2/3 complete.  Not bad for one purchase of $15 along with a few other people sending cards my way!

I grabbed the first 9 off the pile just to get started.  The middle card of '74 rookie infielders made me stop for a second, as I'd never heard Andre Thornton referred to as "Andy".  There's also some early cards of Bill Madlock and Frank Tanana there as well.  Great start...

I still remember Woodie Fryman as an Expo late in his career.  Love the Dave Concepcion card of him catching a ball right at 2nd base. 

Some big names on the All Star cards, including Pete Rose as a left fielder!  Reggie Jackson also pictured as his career as an A winds down.  Cesar Cedeno was an underappreciated player as I remember him, a great hitter who was also a proficient base stealer, swiping 50+ bases for 6 straight seasons in Houston.  Looking over Cesar's baseball reference page, I found out that he signed a contract with the Blue Jays during spring training of 1986, but never cracked the roster as he was released 10 days later.

1974 would be the last big season for Jim Perry, winning 17 games along with a sub 3 ERA.  You may know Jim as the brother of Gaylord Perry.  I'm sure that the Night Owl will concur, but the Ron Cey card is a great shot of the Penguin in mid swing.  The smile on Vida Blue's face is priceless, you don't see that kind of happiness on cards very often.

Some bigger names also found their way to my house.  Always loved the fumanchu mustache on Luis Tiant.  1974 would mark the 15th straight season that Brooks Robinson would win a gold glove at 3rd base. 

A few more big names were in the package as well.  Overall a fantastic package indeed.

Matt, thank you for the email and the cards, they were both very much appreciated!!

Thanks for reading, Robert

Sunday, April 23, 2017

30-Day Baseball card challenge Day 1: Yes, I'm behind

I've been meaning to try and get my version of the 30 day baseball card challenge started for weeks now, but I've always found something else to post, or do, that kept me from it.  I remembered Tony's challenge again this evening, and scrambling to get a post out there, I decided to finally get this started.

Day 1 was an easy one for me, "A card from the current year with a photo you like."  It's the card that got me hooked on '17 Heritage.

This Addison Russell World Series card, #156 in the set, makes me think of what TV sets would have looked like in the 60's.  I don't have any memories of TV's from the 60's as I was born in 1967, and my first TV memory would have been the color TV we had when I was 5, which didn't look anything like the big boxes that were in living rooms back in the day...

Looking at Tony's list, I don't think that I'll have enough material to fill all 30 days (I know I won't), but it'll be good for me to do some digging to come up with cards to cover the different days.

Great idea Tony!  Sorry I'm nearly a month late, but that's the norm for me lately...

Thanks for reading, Robert

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Serial Saturday #14: Cataract? More like a Yugo to me...

I'm back after taking a couple of days totally away from cards and the blogosphere.  I mentioned this on twitter earlier today, I had cataract surgery yesterday on my right eye, which had degenerated into a blurry mess.

It's amazing what a laser and less than 30 minutes of surgery can do for your vision in the modern world.  My right eye has already improved to 20/50 vision after just one day, and hopefully within a week I'll be close to the 20/25 vision I have in my left eye.

Maybe now that I can see the cards better I'll be able to catch things in the background or on the design that I missed in the past.

Ha ha, we'll see!  Anyhow, page 40 from the SNI is here for your viewing pleasure.

Card 352:  Carlos Santana, 2011 Topps Opening Day blue parallel #352/2011.  Cleveland card #15
Card 353:  Jay Bruce, 201 Topps gold #353/2014.  Cincinnati card #12
Card 354:  James Loney, 2010 Topps National Chicle #354/999.  LA Dodgers card #12

Card 355:  Carlos Santana, 2011 Bowman Green #355/450.  Cleveland card #16
Card 356:  Adrian Beltre, 2011 Topps Finest #356/549.  Texas card #12
Card 357:  Montreal Expos team card, 2002 Topps gold #357/2002.  Washington card #15

Card 358:  David Huff, 2009 Topps Heritage chrome #358/1960.  Cleveland card #17
Card 359:  Jake Pintar, 2013 Bowman blue parallel #359/500.  Baltimore card #12
Card 360:  Austin Jackson, 2011 Topps Chrome heritage #360/562.  Detroit card #4

Hard to believe that Detroit still has only 4 cards so far.   I would imagine that there will be more pages in the future with multiple Tigers cards on them

Carlos Santana appears twice on the same page, don't think you'll see that very often going forward.  3 Cleveland cards all down the same side is also another anomaly that probably will not happen a lot as well. 

Favorite card?  Why the Expos team card of course.  I wonder if there will really be support for a MLB team in Montreal if one ever decides to relocate.  The James Loney National Chicle card is a close second on the page...

With a couple of days off to recuperate coming up I'm hoping to get a few more pages written up. Hopefully that is something that will actually happen....

Thanks for reading, Robert

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

1592: A trio of products

I decided this past weekend to just buy some packs from Target.  I wanted to add a few cards to the Heritage and flagship piles, along with trying out some Gypsy Queen to see what it was like.

First up, the GQ.  For me, this is a resounding no this year.  For lack of a better word, the design is just too damn busy for me.  Even the green parallels don't do anything for me.  I'll find some folks to send those cards to.  At least I pulled a Josh Donaldson for my Jays collection.  If you have any Jays, including the green parallels, I'll be glad to add them.   Otherwise, this is probably the last money I'll spend on this set this year.

I bought a blaster of the flagship, and of course the "extra" pack is the one I opened first.  It appears that the definition of the term "patch" has become a little loose, as this was the patch that I pulled.  I would say that it looks more like a button than a patch of anything.  Someone out there may want it for their Tigers/Cabrera collection(s).  Let me know.

Pulled a couple of the '87 inserts, the Tulo goes right into the Jays collection, while the Sonny Gray is up for grabs.  I also pulled a boat load of the various inserts from Series 1, I'll start hunting for want lists that they may be on and get them on their way. 

Rant for the night.  Please, for all that is good in the world, could someone from Topps please tell me why "rediscover topps" cards are in Heritage? 

If I'm buying Heritage, I'm certainly in the know when it comes to Topps cards.  I sure as shit do not need to rediscover them.  It's going to be expensive enough as it is to build the set without having to throw out garbage such as this. 

Yes, I'm pissed.  Sorry, if it helps....

The Elvis Andrus is something else I don't get.  Were there mini parallels in the '68 set?  I don't believe that there were.   So why did this come out of a pack? 

I don't believe in bitching a lot when it comes to the blog.  I'd rather spin a positive message on the hobby we all love.

But sometimes, I just have to say something.   Because it's the right thing to do.

$1632 - $40 = $1592 left in 2017.  At this pace I'll spend about $1379 on cards this year, so I'm still in good shape.

Thanks for reading, Robert