Thursday, September 19, 2019

In the nineties

This has been one helluva year for me trade wise.   I received a couple of envelopes in the mail this week, bringing my trade count for 2019 to 92. 

I honestly thought that 100 trades would be a fight right to the bitter end of the calendar year for me, but with 8 currently on the go (and 1 on "lost" status), by the first week of October I'll have hit my goal.  


The first envelope was another USPS surprise, making it from Washington State to Florida in 2 days.  Jim (TCDB User ID:  jmkidd) snapped up a few Seattle Seahawks cards from me, and in return I got a bit of set help and a bit of help with 3 of my player collections.

First up, the set help.  Fred Lynn's card from the '81 Topps set was a nice one to grab, along with the Saves leaders card from '78 featuring Rollie Fingers and Bill Campbell.   Would love to see the term firemen come back to the game..

The '69 Topps Darrell Brandon reminds me that the '69 set is becoming similar to my 85-86 OPC hockey build.  1 card comes in at a time, slowly nibbling away at the set.  Only problem is, I still need about 460 cards to finish the set, and that's a lot of trades at 1 card at a time!

A pair of cards each for Olerud and Fitzgerald were nice additions.   I'm actually doing quite well adding Olerud cards featuring him in uniforms of the Mets and Mariners.  T. Y. Hilton's card brings him to a paltry 19 cards, but there's a ton of base cards on my want list on the TCDB site, so I'm sure eventually that number will start climbing.

Next up is a nice lot of cards from Edward (TCDB ID: kaline6), which hit want lists for a couple of sets I expect to finish by the end of the year, along with a few other goodies.

Both the '81 and '82 sets are winding their way to completion, I believe combined they are around 100 cards from being finished.  Still some star cards to pick up here and there, but it shouldn't be a major dent to my wallet to get these done.

Four more cards off of the '79 want list takes that set below 80 cards needed to complete.  Need both the Ozzie Smith RC and the Nolan Ryan cards on that group, so that's a big maybe to see this complete by the end of the year.  And yes, the George Foster card is quite a bit off center,  you're not seeing things.

The lone wolf from the '69 set, Joe Sparma of the Tigers.  Just 10 more cards to reach the 200 mark.   Not a big priority at the moment however.

Four more cards for the Olerud collection.  Every time I write one of these posts, and see all the Blue Jays cards that I've added to the sets and player collections, I often wonder if I should just have poached my Jays collection to reduce these lists.  I'm glad that I didn't...

Thank you to both Jim and Edward for the trades, the cards are really appreciated!!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, September 16, 2019

Easily distracted

I've been trying to focus on finishing sets lately, especially the ones that are closing in on completion.   Friday night I hit ebay and looked up one of my favorite sellers, The Battersbox.  I decided I was going to try and find some '76 Topps baseball singles to try and get a bit closer to completing the set. 

Well, within 10 minutes I found myself looking at a bunch of discounted 71-72 O-Pee-Chee hockey singles.  These looked like they were in great condition, and for $1 each, I couldn't pass them up.

For $9.43 shipped, these 9 beauties found their way to me today.  Closing in 100 cards out of the 264 card set in hand is something I didn't think I would be crowing about now.  With a big order from COMC on the way, I'll pass the 100 count mark within the next couple of weeks.   Hopefully the dozen or so cards in that order will satisfy my want to add to this set for a while.

When it comes to getting a good deal on cards from 71-72 OPC, I'm easily distracted.

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

A couple of nice card show pickups

Spent almost $50 at the monthly card show yesterday, probably the most I've spent there in several months.  In addition to the star cards that I plucked out of the 3 for a $1 bin for trade bait, I found a few cards to add to my McCutchen and T.Y. Hilton collections.

Hilton is really easy to buy for right now, as I only have about 20-25 cards in that PC.  I hadn't seen the die cut Playmakers insert anywhere before, so that was snapped up really quickly.  The McCutchen PC is a little harder, as that's nearing 200 cards, but I was pretty sure that I didn't have the Legends blue parallel, as well the Fire parallel was something I was OK with buying even though I may have had it.  

My thoughts over the past couple of years have also turned from being a Blue Jays collector (which has gotten way out of hand with all the baseball that is released now a days) to my other hometown team, the Maple Leafs.   There's nowhere near as much hockey product out there, and down here in the south, I can usually find it for cheaper than up north.

When I saw this Morgan Rielly "brick" for $6, I snapped it up...

It's hard to see but the card is #'d 31/49 from the SP Game Used Edition set from 2015-16, so adding that to the pile was also easy. 

But this next card was the biggest addition of the day, and almost half of what I spent.

This Eddie Murray RC was in the display case of the first table I sat down at, and was an easy buy at $22.  Now I just have to find a Molitor/Trammell RC to my liking, and then the other 134 cards needed to finish the '78 Topps set should fall into place.  Probably will not finish this in 2019; 1st half of 2020 is more realistic if I get some of the other sets I'm close to completing done.

Now it's time to get back to trading, and see if I can hit the 100 trade mark for the year by the end of September.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

One zero is all it takes to F--- things up

I didn't scan a lot of cards tonight, only 11 because I thought that the story behind this post was more entertaining (at least to me it is).

I received a nice package from 3 time trade partner Craig (TCDB ID: DukeyDevil) that contained a bunch of '78 Topps.  71 of them.

The cards are really just for show here, although I must say that the George Foster/Jim Rice Home Run Leaders card is really bad ass.

But the fun here, is the trip that my cards took.

Step by step, in bullet point form, just to make it easier to read, is the journey:

  • Package leaves MA on the 19th of August
  • Arrives in Miami on the 21st.  Not bad.
  • Makes it to a Ft. Lauderdale post office on the 21st.  Not the correct post office by the way, but it's in Ft. Lauderdale
  • Because the package is missing a 0 on my address, it sits in that post office.  For a week
  • On the 28th, the package is sent to the Opa Locka distribution center (N. Miami)
  • Opa Locka sends it back to the wrong post office on the 29th. 
  • It gets sent back to Opa Locka on the 30th. 
  • The package finally makes it to the correct post office on the 30th, and is delivered that day.
9 days to go 9 miles locally.   I work in the package delivery business.   I've had people on the phone scream at me for a lot less than this.

I've had lots of packages make it across the country in no time flat.

Funny how one zero can F--- things up.  Oh well.

Thanks for reading!


Monday, September 9, 2019

So excited to post it, I forgot the title

Sometimes the unexpected happens and it just blows you away.  Trade offers have kind of dried up the past couple of weeks on the TCDB for me, so I decided to see if I could get something going.

I found a person that was offering up 13 of the Gypsy Queen green parallels that I'm chasing after this year.  Standard trade M.O. is to see who it is I'd be trading with, check the feedback, then see if I have anything on their want list.

What I've encountered a lot lately is many new people to the TCDB site, and they've entered cards for trade, and have no want lists available.   The opposite is also true, many people have want lists, but nothing available for trade.   Most of these people have 0 feedback as well, so it's been a little frustrating, since I can be a bit leery when it comes to new trade partners at times...

Then I stumbled across these, and new trade partner Nathan (TCDB ID:nathanfrancy).

What's quite interesting about this trade is I sent the trade offer this past Saturday morning.   That's right, just 2 days ago.  Yes, the cards are in hand.   MO to FL, 2 days.

Cover your ears kids, but that's a holy shit moment right there.  I like to think that I'm fast when it comes to getting cards out to trade partners, but I can't beat this...

Sometimes you have to accentuate the positive, and this trade is about as positive as I can get.

Thank you for the cards Nathan, they are truly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!