Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just in case you've forgotten

Serial numbers 199-207
Here's 5 more pages of serial numbered insanity to remind you that there are 246 cards still needed to complete the set.  The Orioles Sean McAdams was the final card needed to complete this page.  Serial contributor Max from the Starting Nine blog is the only person responsible for multiple cards on this page.

Serial numbers 415-423
It's been rare that I've been responsible for at least 4 cards on a page, but the page above is one of those occasions.  Brian from PATP comes in with a couple of contributions in this group of nine. 

Serial numbers 91-99
This page of double digit numbers leaves me with just 2 of them left to complete.  Both Max and Brian were responsible for 2 cards each on this page....

Serial numbers 379-387
Nobody was responsible for providing more than one card on this page; however there are a few retired/inactive bloggers responsible for cards on this page, so if you guys are out there still reading this, thank you again!!

Serial numbers 289-297
Finally, 3 of the 9 cards on this page came from across the big pond.  Simon from the 7 hours from Tampa Bay blog provided two of these, while Jeroen the Dutch Card Guy chipped in as well.   Greatly appreciated guys, thank you!!

I haven't even updated the spreadsheet with a new card since the end of August, one of the quietest periods I've had for this set in a long time.

I guess everyone is just giving me time to catch up on the mega piles of cards that litter my desk right now.  

Also remember, if you're looking out for serial numbers for this set, the Yankees, Mets and Angels are all completed.

thanks for reading, Robert

By the page: 1988 Score

As I went through the box of Blue Jays and came across more and more of the '88 Score version, it just seemed that there was an easy way of putting together a page for this.

By color.

It was so simple, even I could put together a page quick and easy....

Top row:  Purple

Even though 1987 was Fred McGriff's first full season in the majors, this '88 Score was released 2 years after his RC ('86 Donruss).

Middle row:  Blue

Bottom row:  Red

I bet that I could have come up with one more card to make this a row of "faces obscured" cards.  At least you can see half of Mulliniks' face...

I wonder why Score used the white box inside the border for this set, kind of looks weird huh?

This brings the total up to 211 cards out of the box now.  With the massive influx of cards that have come in lately, I'm going to have to buy a bigger box.  I just can't keep the 3 row shoe box empty.

If you haven't voted on this week's semi final match up yet, you can head here and cast your ballot.  '74 currently has a slight lead on '63....

thanks for reading, Robert

Monday, September 15, 2014

Cards from an envelope not autographed by Tommy John

I'm sure that the few people out there who read my blog regularly are well aware of the Night Owl's meeting with Tommy John at the post office last week.  (If not, click the link to either read the post, or to refresh your memory)

I received a tweet on Friday from Greg that kind of perplexed me until I read his blog later that evening:

No worries here though.  I was just happy to be getting an envelope of cards that I had requested.  Since I started the blog Greg has come through with many great packages that have enhanced my collection.

When Greg offered everyone a chance to dig into his massive piles of Dodgers duplicates, I dove in and asked for a few cards from the 78-80 Topps set.   Greg was more than happy to oblige (at least I think he was).

13 great cards from the '78 set are now in my inventory.  It's been a long time since I've seen any players wear batting helmets without the ear flaps.  Seeing those takes me back to simpler times...

I'm 100% positive that he may have been slightly mad when he packed up this envelope, because I found a couple of Ron Cey cards inside.   My best guess is that they were probably octuples, because there's no way that the top drawer versions of Mr. Cey would find their way here to my house.

A total of 21 1980 Topps cards found their way here as well.  It was pretty cool to look through all the cards and see some of the great names that played for the Dodgers in that era. 

The primary reason that I asked for these cards is that I intend to build these 3 sets over time.  I figured if I could get some cards on the cheap to get me started, why not?  Hopefully, I put a dent in the massive Dodger doubles inventory that Greg possesses. 

I guess it's time to start adding a few more checklists to the spreadsheet. 

Only 2127 cards left to finish these 3 sets...

Thank you for the cards Greg, they really are appreciated!! 

thanks for reading, Robert

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Trading for some people is as easy as ACB

It's great when new card blogs start up.   It gives us a fresh new perspective on what we love to do, drown ourselves in cardboard images of overpaid (modern) or underpaid (vintage) athletes. 

Naturally, when anyone new comes aboard, you are provided another opportunity to begin another trading relationship.  I was afforded this opportunity by Julie at the newly minted A Cracked Bat: Baseball Cards and a Hot Dog blog.

Julie offered up a bunch of Blue Jays cards for the promise of the return of some Tigers her way in the (hopefully) not too distant future, and of course I can't resist that kind of deal.  When I received an envelope earlier this week with the return name of A.C.B. in the upper left corner, the fog rolled into my brain and I wondered who was sending me an envelope.  Once I realized the initials stood for A Cracked Bat, the fog lifted and I began to dig through the goodies.

A lot of cards were in the envelope, putting a dent into some of my want lists.   It would take me a long time to scan them all, much less go through them in any kind of detail, so I decided her envelope would get the 5-4-3-2-1 treatment.

I wasn't sure if I had any '94 Donruss Triple Play in the Jays collection, so I had to refer to the spreadsheet to see if there were any (I had 2).  I like the idea of the name being transparent to allow a little more of the photo to come through.  There were 7 of these in the envelope, reducing the want list for this set down to a couple.

I decided to throw 4 pitchers on the same scan for the '94 Pinnacle cards.  There were quite a few of these inside, 15 to be exact. Once I update the want list for this set, there should only be one or two cards left.   I saw the Paul Spoljaric card, and decided to take a look at his stats.  Paul didn't have a spectacular career, only 6 years in the bigs, finishing his career in 2000 with Kansas City.  It's always great to take a quick look at a Canadian who made the bigs and played for a Canadian team.   Paul's career was likely cut short because of his control, 5.3 walks per 9 innings makes it difficult to stay on a roster.

I had to take a look to see if I had any of these '95 SP Championship Series cards in my collection.  I didn't, so these are new to me as well.  I like these cards; without the standard SP logo cutting off a portion of the card, the photos are that much better.  I would say I prefer these over any of the other SP releases (except for maybe 1993).

'98 Leaf Rookies & Stars.   Again, similar to the '94 Triple Play above, the bottom stripe is see through so you can see all of the picture.  I'm slowing working my way towards a Jose Canseco page to show off, not bad considering he only spent one season north of the border.

Man, I missed a lot of fun stuff when I stopped collecting in the 90's.  I had to do a little research when I saw this to see where it came from.   Upper Deck created fun packs in 1994 and these scratch off games were in them.  I even found a Blue Jays scratch off card on eBay, PSA graded no less!!  I even like that the order of the players on the card resembles an actual Jays lineup from that year.

A great envelope indeed, thank you very much Julie for the cards, they really are appreciated!!

thanks for reading, Robert

Saturday, September 13, 2014

What's next? Semi-final #2: (7) 1963 Topps vs (3) 1974 Topps

How they got this far:

1963 defeated 1972 and 1960 Topps, gaining 12 votes in both rounds.
1974 defeated 1961 with 16 votes, and then 1969 with 15 votes.

To sum up the first two rounds:

I'm not surprised to see that '63 made it this far.  It is a colorful set and a favorite of mine.  '63 had a tougher road to get to the semi-finals, defeating two very good releases in both '72 & '60.  If it wins the tournament I believe that I would enjoy putting it together, as it will make a nice contrast to the much more plain '64 set that I am coming closer to completing. 

If there is one set that I didn't think would make it this far, it certainly would have to be the '74 set.  I would have to say that the luck of the draw helped '74 in the tourney, as '61 and '69 Topps aren't particular favorites of a lot of collectors (although the back of the '69 Topps cards are arguably my favorite of the '60s sets...).  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying '74 is a bad set, in my opinion it just doesn't compare to a lot of the '60s sets that were eliminated earlier. 

What I think will happen in this round: 

I am predicting that the final will have a pair of sets that have circles on the front, as I believe that '63 will move on to the final, and end the surprising run of '74 Topps. 

Is everyone going to prove me wrong two weeks in a row?  Will '74 Topps pull off another win and advance to the finals?

You tell me.   Voting starts.....................


thanks for reading, Robert