Sunday, February 7, 2016

My player collections have really begun to grow

Not only have I been knocking down the wantlists for the vintage sets I've been working on, I've been raiding both COMC and Sportlots trying to fill out my Lawrie, Thome and Sakic collections.  As you know with my past, I've being doing this as best as I can on the cheap.

Case in point, this 2014 Bowman Red Ice parallel of Brett Lawrie

I love how this looks in hand even more than how good it looks scanned.  It is just limited to 25 copies, and now one of them is off the market for just $3.25. 

Even cheaper was this 2014 Gypsy Queen black bordered mini, #29/199.  This came to me for just under a buck and a half. 

A lot of my Lawrie collection right now is parallels and variations, but hopefully as his career progresses I'll be able to grab more base cards.  Maybe being part of the White Sox will help that along.

2012-13 SP Authentic went all out featuring Joe Sakic; he appears on 6 cards in the base set alone.  Some of my favorite Sakic cards are ones that feature him in a Team Canada uniform, and add Mario Lemieux to the card and it's a real winner for me.  $1.38 brought both of these home.

A pair of Gold Medallion parallels from Fleer Ultra were also purchased.  I definitely prefer the one on the right, as most of the Gold Medallions over the years featured the full card's background in gold.  The 96-97 on the left looks as though Fleer got a little lazy and just added foil to the player and team names. 

Although the scan is kind of crappy, my favorite card from the recent Jim Thome binge on Sportlots is this 2001 Topps Heritage card.  The group of Sportlots cards that came my way extended from 1996-2004, and made me realize just how many sets were being pumped out from the card companies at that time.   Even though I've passed the 300 card mark for Thome, there is still a lot of base cards and parallels to gather to fill out this PC.

I've decided to start another blog (yeah, I know) dedicated to my 3 player PCs.  I've done well so far, 40 posts in and I'm still making sure that there's at least one card a day featuring a couple of lines about the card, or the player.  I've added a page for each player as well, making sort of a checklist for each card that is posted.  

If I'm lucky I'll even improve on the 1 follower that I already have...

thanks for reading, Robert

Saturday, February 6, 2016

2 by 2 by 2

A good week as far as cards coming into the house.  Between a Sportlots order, a COMC purchase, and a brief stay at the monthly card show, quite a few cards were knocked off of want lists.  It just so happened that there were three separate sets that had 2 cards removed.

One part of the COMC order (that I'd been putting together for a month) was these 2 high numbers from the '73 Topps set.  Dig the eyebrows on Andy Etchebarren, almost reminiscent of the Wally Moon cards from the early 60's.  The only one of the 3 pitchers in the Rookie Pitchers card that I had heard of was Mike Garman.  Mike had actually appeared for the Red Sox in parts of 3 seasons ('69, '71 and '72) before this card was released.  He was traded to the Cardinals after the '73 season and had a couple of very good seasons there before bouncing around the league with 3 other teams up until his major league career ended after the '79 season.

I found a couple of reasonably priced SPs on COMC for the 2011 Heritage set.  The Orioles team card reminds me of the high number battle I am facing with the '64 set, and the overpriced Dodgers high number team card.  Sorry, but I can't stomach paying $10 for a team card, high # or not...

It hurts a little to see a Roy Halladay card featuring him in a Phillie cap, but he did some things there that he never did in Toronto (make a ton of money, pitch in the playoffs, etc.) so that takes the sting off somewhat.  He's still one of the top 5 pitchers in Blue Jays history in my opinion.

It is extremely rare that I go to a card show and come home with only 2 single cards for myself.  But that happened yesterday because the dealer that I was really hoping to purchase a lot of cards from wasn't there.  So I ended up buying a pair of '59s featuring a couple of HOF players.  Can't say that I ever remember seeing that style of uniform that the Cubs Clubbers are wearing.

 I was also curious to see what kind of numbers that Banks and his teammates put up in the '59 season, and was quite shocked as the disparity.   Banks--.304/45HR/143/RBI.  Long--.236/14HR/37RBI.  Moryn--.234/14HR/48RBI.  Only one other Cub had more than 50 RBI's in the '59 season.  There was Banks with his 45 HR, and no other Cub had more than 14 (although 7 had more than 10).

These two cards bring the '59 set a little bit closer to the halfway mark, with just 29 more cards needed to hit 50%.

Believe it or not, the big purchase from the card show yesterday was a hobby box of 2016 Topps.  I haven't cracked a box of cards in quite a long time, so I'm eager to see what the fuss is all about.  You'll see a post soon about it for sure.

Thanks for reading, Robert

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Part 2 of this week's purchases has arrived

For $10.50 shipped, the Tony Conigliaro RC from the '64 set is here.  In case you were wondering about Bill Spanswick on the bottom, he only pitched in the majors during the '64 season, going 2-3 with an ERA of 6.89.   Boston's record in the 29 games that Spanswick pitched?   3-26.  Ouch.

I had to look at Tony's stats to see where he hit the 42 doubles in 83 games that is mentioned on the back of the card.  He played for Wellsville in the single A New York Penn League in 1963.  That team also featured another notable Red Sox hitter, George Scott.

The card is in nice shape; off center but the edges and corners are nice and for $10.50 this was an easy addition to the set.

Just 38 cards to go...less than 1 a week to finish by the end of 2016!

thanks for reading, Robert

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Now the Topps '64 want list is down to 39

Knowing my propensity to make mistakes when it comes to checklists, I spent some time over the past couple of days going over the '59T and '64T binders.   The '59T binder appears to be in order, so I updated the appropriate blog page up top, and ordered myself a card off of eBay to reduce the want list by 1.

A little rough around the edges, but for $3 and combined shipping, the '59 want list is now one card lighter.  255 cards are in the books, meaning the set is just over 44% complete.  Still a long way to go, and a lot of high $ cards to find on the cheap, but still progress is being made.

Now, the '64T want list was slightly off.  Once I went through the binder and cross-checked all the cards, I realized that I had marked off card #318 (Twins team card) when I didn't have it.  That card was purchased off of eBay on a separate transaction from this one.  The card that I received with the Hitters Foes above is a little more important to knock off of the list...

Easily the priciest of the World Series subset cards, this Koufax I was able to find relatively cheaply.  These 2 cards including shipping set me back almost $14, but it was worth it to knock card #136 off the list.   It had been staring me in the face for so long, I'm glad it's finally in hand.

Now, '64T is down to 39 cards left. 

thanks for reading, Robert

Sunday, January 24, 2016

'59 Topps set build #20/572 Faye Throneberry

Older brother of Marv Throneberry who I featured in the last post in this series a couple of months ago.  I do believe that this picture was taken at Griffiths stadium in Washington (I'm sure that someone will correct me if I'm wrong here).  Let's see how Marvelous Marv's big brother fared, shall we?

Card #534:  Faye Throneberry

The front of the card is in fine shape, no pen marks at all.  A bit off center, but it's still good enough for my set. 

Faye spent two years in the Army (53 and 54) and served in Korea.

The back is something else.  The cartoon is great, depicting Faye and his brother Marv.  The centering is off, and it appears that the border is on an angle.  Interesting...

How'd he fare in 1959? The '59 season for Faye was solid, setting multiple career highs in games played (117), hits (82), HRs (10) and RBI's (42).  His .251 average in '59 was also a personal best.
  • During one four game stretch from May 22-26, he went 10 for 18 (.556) with a double, triple, homer and 6 RBI's.  
  • Hit a grand slam in a 7-6 loss to the KC Athletics on July 27th.  Ned Garver was the "victim". 
Faye's career ended after the '61 season as a member of the Los Angeles Angels.   He would go on to become a dog trainer, winning a national award for training the top bird dog in 1973.

Faye passed away in 1999 at the age of 67.

Thanks for reading, Robert