Saturday, March 23, 2019

Serial Saturday #21: Josh Donaldson

Anyone who has followed this blog over the years knows my love of serial numbered cards.   If I had to guess, I probably own over 3000 of them in varying levels of "scarcity".  My latest bit of insanity is finding cards serial #'d to 99 on the cheap.

Well, I remembered buying this card at the monthly card show a while back, and decided to add it to the newest collection.

I remember paying just a couple of bucks for it, and I kind of enjoyed the bizarre looking design of the Spectra Neon Blue parallel.  So I bought it and the pink as well.

An unfortunate placement for the serial numbering if you ask me
My latest order from COMC which is due to arrive early in the week will feature several more cards that bought on the cheap (a lot of them less than $1) and serial #'d to 99. 

I honestly thought that it might be difficult finding a lot of cards that fit the bill.   I think I bought eight of them on this order, and didn't spend $10 total.  One of the names that I picked up really surprised me, and will be the subject of next Saturday's post.

I guess the scarcity theory that I was taught in high school economics wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The bounty of Wes continues

A good many of you know, and were part of, the bounty of Wes.  Area 40 (a name which I'm a little afraid to ask about) was the name of the blog where Wes bid adieu to the blogging game and gave away a whole lot of cards to the good folks of the blogosphere. 

I received a ton of A&G cards, which did the following:

  • Nearly completed my 2018 set
  • Added to several other A&G sets, including '16 and '17
  • Gave me a boat load of minis, which aren't my cup of tea.
But lucky me, I have used a fair bit of those minis to enhance my vintage set builds by trading them to frequent TCDB trade partner Bill (TCDB ID: minibbcards).  Another great trade arrived at my doorstep on Monday and included these:

I know this isn't vintage, but I wanted to show this first because I was kind of shocked when Bill had this on the trade offer.  Had no idea that Bill had anything like this in his stash....

Love me some 69s!!  I had no idea that Amos Otis started out with the Mets.  I only ever knew him as a KC Royal.  Not all commons here, as names like Alomar, Aparicio and Koosman (2nd year) found their way here.  All 4 of these sets are a long way from completion, but each little chip in the armor is always great to see.   '69 completion total:  178 cards, just over 26% done.

This could possibly be the worst scan ever.  No matter, as I'm 3 cards closer to a set that I never really intended to start putting together several years ago, but now I'm closing in on the 50% mark. 

This is more of a general statement than a slight at Bill or anyone else out there, but when you trade for '71 Topps cards, you just never know what you'll get.  I've made some trades where cards were fine enough, but they definitely showed their age.  Know what I mean?

These '71s are wonderful.  Clean, sharp corners, almost look as if they just came out of a pack!  It's also cool that I got Robert Barone's favorite player in this group of 9 (kudos to you if you know who it is).

Another set that has a long way to go, '72 Topps cards are also a welcome sight.  Nice to get one of the '00' cards out of the way in Joe Torre.  I knew that Joe had some really good seasons at the plate, but his 71 stats are damn good.  .363 average, 230 hits, 24 HR and 137 RBI, 97 runs scored.  That's one of those seasons in a 5x5 fantasy league that you dream about.  These 4 cards bring me up to an even 150 so far, not bad but I don't expect to finish this set any time soon....

Bill, thank you for the trade, the cards are greatly appreciated!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Bass Ackwards

OK, by nature I'm a set builder.   39 different want lists on my various pages bear that out.  But as far as 2019 Topps goes, there's only one set that I'll build.

The '84 inserts.   Yes, I usually shy away from inserts.  99% of them are usually traded for stuff that I want/need.  But for some reason, the '84 inserts kind of called out to me...

Don't get me wrong, this years version of Topps is one of the nicest in a while (IMO).  But I just don't want to put the energy into building the set and putting it away in the closet never to be looked at again.  So hopefully in the next few days I'll add the cards I pulled out of a couple of hangar boxes to my trade list at the TCDB site and see if there's someone out there who might want them. 

Oh, by the way, the '84s you see above are the only 3 that I have, so there's plenty to be added to that want list. 

I'm sure that there will be more in series 2, so there's a reason to buy a few packs of that when it comes out. 

And yes, I know the phrase is 'ass backwards', but usually what I write on this blog is fishy anyway.

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Cricuts and crickets

OK, yes, it's been 10 days since I've posted on the blog.   To be honest, I've had not much to say lately that's been worth writing.   Kind of like hearing crickets...

To be honest, I've been putting off this post for some unknown reason for over a week.  To tell the whole story though, I need to go back to Christmas.

My wife, who supports my hobby madness fabulously, is very creative and crafty.  On her Christmas list this year was gift cards to Jo-Ann Fabrics so she could save up for a machine that is called a Cricut (pronounced cricket).  It helps print all kinds of different stuff, very creatively I might add (which you're going to see very soon).

Well, when I found out what it could do, and that the price was reasonable, I went ahead and bought her the machine so she didn't have to wait.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I was tired of trying to figure out which binder was which on my shelves.  My writing was so small on the cards inside the plastic sleeve(and messy) that I always strained my eyes to see. So, I asked her to update my binder spines using her Cricut.

 Oh my, I can see them now!! 

As you can see I have various colored binders, so she was able to adapt the color of the material to contrast with the binder color.   I have a couple of 1" binders as well (not shown here), but they also turned out great.  I can find things so much easier now.  For maybe $5 worth of materials, and a couple of hours of time, my binders look super!

What's great is if I ever decide to change what's inside the binder, the letters will peel off with no damage to the binder, and I know this because we made a mistake which needed to be fixed.

Now all I have to do is finish some of these sets to show off what's in the binders....

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Thursday, March 7, 2019


Before you read any further, there are no naked women or anything that could be labelled pornographic at all in this post.  If you were hoping for that, you can leave now.

(Hears all the mouse clicks and browsers moving on....)

OK, now that all the riff raff have left, this post documents my 20th trade on the TCDB site in 2019.  I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had put up want lists for a couple of early 90's hockey sets that I'd put on the back burner.   Today's cards come from another set that I had long abandoned.

2008 Upper Deck X was a set that I had a fascination with quite a few years ago, but quickly abandoned it as I wasn't able to get any trades/cards come my way.   I found the cards I had a few days ago, and decided to put them up on TCDB.

Quickly, I found a trade partner, a new one to be exact in Pat (TCDB ID: itsjustoldcardboard) and struck up a deal trading off some of the Magnificent Moons cards from '18 A&G for these 5 cards.

Hey, it's 5 more X's than I pulled a few years ago the first time around.  Still need 65 more to go, but finding these quickly gives me a bit of hope that I can find some more over time.  

It is exciting for me to find new trade partners, and I'm sure Pat probably was happy getting these cards out of his house for some cards that he could use.

I know I feel that way...

Thanks for the trade Pat, look forward to many more!

Thanks for reading!