Monday, December 11, 2017

You know you're going to have good luck when...

I mentioned yesterday about the group of '59 Topps cards I picked up at the monthly show.  That was only part of the group of cards I picked up from the first table I hit.

That dealer had a sea of 2 row shoe boxes of cards on the back wall of the stage.  The original allure for me was that they were all dime boxes.  So I started digging in, and after a few minutes of pulling cards I heard the dealer tell a dad and his boys "everything in all these boxes is a nickel"!!

Well hot damn, time to really dig in. 

Before I had heard that, I pulled a small brick of hockey cards out of the first box I sat down in front of.  I recognized them immediately as 84-85 cards, and turned them over immediately expecting to see the Topps logo in the bottom corner.

Nope!!  OPC they were, and 14 cards were added to the have list. 

Over the past few months, I've found bits and pieces from sets ranging from '78 through '85.  I've stockpiled a few cards from each set here and there, but finding a bunch of nickel cards for a lot of those sets finally prompted me to get some lists up for several sets.  Phil "Scrap Iron" Garner is the card that I'm showing on the '78 set.

I only picked up a couple of '79s but I now have a list up featuring Jeff Newman of the A's.

The '83 Topps list is now up thanks to finding this nickel card of the Hawk, Andre Dawson. Don't have many of them so far (only 12), but it's a start.

I found this All-Star card of Ozzie Smith in the nickel boxes, and he is part of the '84 Topps build, 16 cards strong so far.

The biggest group of early 80's cards was a 15 card bunch of '85 Topps.   John Lowenstein was the coolest card of the bunch with those shades, so he's the poster boy to start.  I only have 27 of those so far.

The most surprising find of the bunch was these 7 cards from the '74 Topps set, along with a couple of '72s (which I didn't scan). 

I even found an entire Maple Leafs set from the 2002-03 Pacific release in the boxes.   All totaled just over 100 cards for the collection, to go along with the 59's from yesterday, and a couple of 68's and other more expensive 74's.

All in all not a bad haul from the first table, just over $23 worth putting a dent into some want lists, along with getting me motivated to get some want lists put up on the blog.

Have to see if I get just as lucky with next week's show.

Thanks for reading, Robert

Sunday, December 10, 2017

A bit of neglect

It had been quite a while since I went to a card show and tried to put a dent into the '59 Topps want list.  Honestly, my focus lately has been on other wants from the many want lists that I possess.  When I hit the monthly card show yesterday the first dealer that I went to had dollar boxes with a sign "buy 2 get one free".  It was time to knock a few cards off of the list...

It was great to see the Don Zimmer card in there, I'd seen it at other shows in the past for around $8 so getting it for a buck was great.  The cards were in OK condition, but for a $1 I wasn't expecting anything earth shattering.

The Robin Roberts was actually in a $2.50 box which had the same buy 2 get 1 deal.  That card is in really nice shape, so that was also an easy pick up.  Now I had never heard or seen a card of Whammy Douglas before, so naturally it elicited a little chuckle when I pulled it out of the box. 

Vada Pinson was another name that I was happy to get for a buck.  It lists for $12 as an uncorrected error (birthday is wrong), but who really pays attention to that in the end?

As you can plainly see, someone took a little bite out of the Ernie Banks card on the right.  But to get a $20 for a dollar is a big win in my books.

That's 16 cards off of the list for just under $14.  Fantastic for '59 Topps.  With 212 cards to go, I need to find some more of those deals.

Thanks for reading, Robert

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Unstuck, at least for one day

I haven't written a post on this blog in 10 days.   Largely because I haven't had any inspiration to do so.

Then I looked at the pile of cards to my left on my desk, and this card was on top of the pile.

Stadium Club gold parallel of Matt Duffy.  Nothing inspiring about that, right?   Well what created the inspiration for this post is what's on the padding just to his left on the photo.  

I've never been big on congratulating teams and their fan base when they celebrate championships, but I feel that I do owe a few words for the Astros and their fans.

First, I do want to say that I'm glad that the two best teams in baseball this year made it to the Series.  I honestly thought that the Dodgers were going to steamroll their way to a Series title, but as usual I was wrong (sorry to Greg, Oscar and the other Dodger bloggers, I probably jinxed it for you).

But one thing happened during the summer that really made me wonder about fans these days. 

The July 31st trade deadline came and went, and the Astros didn't make a significant trade to bolster their club.  The lynch mob rose in great numbers and wanted the management team run out of town.

Then at the end of August, the Astros pulled off the biggest coup of all.   They added Justin Verlander for 3 minor leagues.  Detroit is even going to pay $8 million of Justin's salary each of the next two years.  Verlander promptly goes 5-0 with a 1.06 ERA and a 0.647 WHIP in September, and then add in a 4-1 postseason and you may have one of the best acquisitions ever for a pennant/championship run.

The guy I was happiest for through all this was Jose Altuve....

I'm putting my vote in for Altuve as the best player in the game offensively over the past 4 years.

  • .334 combined average with 845 hits
  • averaging 39 steals a year
  • 4 silver slugger awards
  • Averages 156 games a year, so no DL stints 
Chicks may dig the long ball, but I get a charge out of guys who have 1250 hits in their first 6.5 seasons in MLB, play every day and do it in the relative obscurity that is the southeast coast of Texas.  If he's in Chicago, LA or NY, he's a rock star.

It's time to give this guy some love, seriously.

To the folks of Houston, after seeing what you went through with Hurricane Harvey, I am glad that your team won the Series.  But there are a lot of fans out there that should let the management team run things.

Looking at the season that the 'stros just had, I think they've got an idea what they're doing.

Just my opinion though....

Thanks for reading, Robert

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Taking another plunge

At the same time as I ordered the 81 Topps lot that I displayed last week, I decided to get a start on a new Player Collection that I talked briefly about last month.

I found a 30 card lot for $7 shipped of Ichiro Suzuki, and am using that along with a few loose cards I had on hand to start up a PC of him.

Pretty much base set cards, which is fine by me to start.  I expect that I'll probably end up with this PC in the same binder as Andrew McCutchen.  Probably mostly base cards and parallels, with the occasional jersey card thrown in.

I'm looking forward to diving a little more in depth to Ichiro's career, his streaks, records and maybe even learn a little about his career in Japan before he came to North America.

Things such as:  During his first decade in MLB, he missed only 32 games.  3 games a year.  Incredible.   Also during that decade he had 2244 hits, with his worst season totaling just 206.

Ichiro needs 5 more singles to reach 2500 for his career.  2500 singles.  Wow.

My Ichiro collection won't be as in depth as what I own for Joe Sakic or Jim Thome, but a couple hundred cards over time certainly will be fun to put in a binder and look at. 

Thanks for reading, Robert

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hail to the hats

I've spent a bit of time on ebay lately looking for starter lots (set lots) to jump start my way to getting some sets started.  I've been looking mostly for anything between 1969-1985 that I can find that's cheap and has a decent amount of cards.

I finally pulled the trigger on a lot of 108 1981 Topps cards for $10 shipped.  I didn't think that was too bad, and looking at the set in the price guide it appears that I paid about 1/6th of the price of the set for 1/7th of the total cards.   I can live with that.

What surprised me was that they were in really nice condition, mostly mint or near mint.

There weren't any of the big name RC's (Baines, Raines, Gibson or Valenzuela) but there was a nice mix of commons and semistars.  I only had about a couple dozen cards from the '81 set in my collection, and I really never paid much attention to them, until I received this lot.  Then I noticed something, which probably most of you already did.

The hats.

I got a kick out of how the hats are in the teams colors.  A small thing for sure, but I enjoyed this revelation.  Jeff Newman's A's hat in the scan above, with the green and yellow combo.  Love it.

There were a couple of other hats I noticed.

The Pirates pill box style hats were represented in the pill box style on the front.  That was awesome to me.

The 3 colored Expos bleu, blanc et rouge cap.   Fantastic!

The Blue Jays, Padres and Orioles who all had panels in the front similar to the Expos were all represented the same way on the hat in the corner.  

Even the cartoons on the back were cool to me.

Adrian Devine's 15 saves in '77 actually tied the Rangers record at the time.  He wound up in the winter as part of a very large 4 team trade that involved the Rangers, Mets, Braves and Pirates that saw names such as Bert Blyleven, Willie Montanez, Jon Matlack and Al Oliver change teams.

While the cartoons and the hats may not have been news to most of you out there, I enjoyed this lot of cards and the things that I learned.

They were just cool to me, much like Steve Trout was back in the early 80's...

Thanks for reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!  Robert