Sunday, September 16, 2018

Nickel box finds at the card show

The monthly card show was last weekend and I was quite lucky to find a dealer that had several nickel boxes of cards, including hockey!

Yep, that's right, several boxes of cards that were priced at just 5 cents.

I found a chair, sat down and started digging.

Over 20 82, 83 and 84 Topps cards.  No slouches either for the most part, mostly names that everyone will know.

Gypsy Queen framed border cards, and a trio of Bowman gold parallels.   Trade fodder for team collectors at a nickel apiece is not bad at all.

Another gold border GQ card, a quartet of Larry Fitzgerald cards and 4 Blue Jays that I didn't have.  The Roberto Alomar fold outs card was something that I had never seen before.  The photo on the inside would have been great for a regular card...

I don't know about other hockey collectors out there, but I have really enjoyed the Upper Deck UD Canvas cards over the past few seasons.  Seeing these in the nickel box was fantastic for me, I took all of them that he had.  Even the dupe of Patrick Maroon in the first scan.

What initially enticed me to sit down was seeing these cards.   I have very few of the 81-82 OPC cards (bottom row), and I was hoping to find a bunch.  Alas, there were only 2 in there.  The 84-85 OPC cards on the top were all that he had as well.  But I did find a bunch of these...

I dug out 72(!) of the 1983-84 OPC cards that I needed, bringing my want list down to a paltry 40 cards to go.   I really  had no thoughts of finishing this set by the end of the year, but now that the set is down to a manageable number of cards, chances are I have this done before 2019 rolls around.  I do need a couple of Gretzky cards as part of the 40, but I know that shopping around will enable me to find the cards at reasonable prices.

I wound up pulling 175 cards out of the nickel boxes, including a dozen Joe Sakic's, 1 Mats Sundin and 1 Felix Potvin card...

Now there may very well be several dupes on the Joe Sakic cards, but I wasn't going to take the chance with the cards only costing a nickel apiece.

All this, was just the first hour at this table.   Next up are the 5 for $1 cards that I dug through for another half hour....

Thanks for reading, Robert

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Putting them up and knocking them down

During the extended labor day weekend I enjoyed, I decided to add to my want lists on the site.  I put up 50 common cards I needed for my Mats Sundin and Keith Tkachuk PCs.  I already had a decent size list up for Joe Sakic as well.  

No sooner did I have the list up and I received a trade offer from user Detfan6897.  Edward grabbed a handful of parallels/inserts of his Detroit players, and I received a handsome sum in return.

A trio of older Sakic cards, including the 94-95 Collectors Choice you crash the game silver bonus card.  

4 Keith Tkachuk cards, with the 97-98 Upper Deck card in the lower left corner being an added bonus.

Finally there's 8 Mats Sundin cards, most of them as you can see featuring him in his early days with the Nordiques.  The Sundin collection has really picked up some steam, as I have over 150 of his cards now. 

I've had some good luck so far with the Trading Card Database site; this is one of 9 trades I've completed since April.  I just proposed another trade today, and the best part of all this is that I'm getting inserts and doubles out of the house to people that want them.

I'll be adding some more cards to the want lists in the near future, as the quest to build sets and player collections continues.

Thanks for reading, Robert

Friday, September 14, 2018

Inbound and Down #48: Dimeboxes -- The Low End Baseball Collector's Journey

You just have to smile when you get an email from Nick asking for your address.  When that happens, something good is bound to come your way.  For me, my latest envelope from the dime box king was full of Jays and also contained quite a few cards of a couple of our player collections that overlap. 

This was the first collectible I saw.  I recognized right away that it was Big John Mayberry, so I knew it was from the early 80's.  I'm thinking Topps or Panini, so I'm hunting and I don't find this sticker listed under either company.   So now I'm looking in 1981, and was surprised to see that Fleer made stickers like this as well (I had no knowledge of this).  Check one item off the list that I likely would never have found in my travels.

Nick knows I'm a parallel freak, and so these 2 cards I'm sure had no problem making their way into the envelope.   Another "new to me" fact, this is the first time that I saw a yellow parallel from the Topps Rookie Cup set.  I know very little about this set, and have had a few of them come my way. 
If there are any true "hardcore" Shawn Green collectors out there, this card is #'d 15/299, which is his jersey number.   Lucky me!!

More colorful parallels.   Love em.

More stuff I know very little about.   The Golden Grabs of Kevin Pillar is the gold version.  The Encarnacion is the Walk Off insert, which is much shinier in hand. 

Mr. Donaldson.   He was fun while he lasted in Toronto, and he was quite popular as well.  It's a shame that they traded him for very little.  Gold Label has always been one of my favorite Topps sets, so I was glad to see that particular Donaldson card.

Another set I know nothing about, 2007 MLB Trade Up.   Appears to be another game card type set release, unfortunately I don't even know who the manufacturer is.

One of Nick's top tier player collections is of John Olerud.  I imagine that this page worth of cards was all doubles for him, but thankfully I needed them all.  This brings my meager Olerud collection up to 68 cards. 

Ichiro is another of Nick's top tier guys, and he sent me 2 dozen that I needed.

More learning here, as I now know....

The Ichiro Stadium Club in the first scan was a 1st day retail parallel.  Had no idea that there were retail parallels of that type in SC.
The Ichiro 2010 Topps card in the upper left corner of scan 2 is a factory set version.  I'd never seen any cards from the 2010 flagship that had these stamps.   The card # is RS2 (guessing RS = retail set) and something else that I likely would never have come across myself.  

All in all, a fantastic envelope of cards, great fun to look through. 

Thank you Nick, the cards truly are appreciated!!

Thanks for reading, Robert

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

So slow, so sad

I took a couple of days off after the Labor Day holiday last week, and was fortunate enough to complete a couple of trades on the TCDB website.  I mailed both of my packages on Wednesday of last week, and I'm positive that my trade partners did the same.

I received both of their PWE's on Saturday.  One of my bubble envelopes finally arrived yesterday.  The other one isn't due until tomorrow.

So slow, so sad.  Maybe I should stick to sending PWE's?

Anyhow, I did receive some good stuff in return.  

Merlin (user ID:kcjays) sent me an offer looking for a couple of gold Topps parallels for these 4 beauties:

I've only nibbled at this set for the past year, in fact this trade and the spoils from the weekend card show finally got me past the 10% mark for the set.  Definitely no hurry with this one as there are other sets on the 68-86 Topps want list that I have a good head start on.  Thank you Merlin, look forward to more trades with you!

I already have my first repeat trader on the site, as Mike (user ID: 49ants) requested a 3 for 1 trade, with the 1 that I received being the Joe Sakic 94-95 Pinnacle Rink collection parallel you see above.  I've held out on this card for a long time,  as I've never been able to find a cheap copy.   No need anymore, as one of my long needed cards is now off the list. 

Mike, thank you for the trade as well, I'm hoping your cards arrive safe and sound tomorrow!!

Still lots of piles on the desk to go over, including my card show haul that would make Dime Box Nick proud.

Thanks for reading, Robert

Saturday, September 8, 2018

I've been busy

Haven't written a post in over two weeks, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy with the collection.  Just the opposite.

I've really spent some quality time on the Trading Card Database website, updating my trade list/want lists, and have actually completed a few trades this week.  Have some posts later this week to chronicle those.

Today's post centers on my quest to find a decent dealer on sportlots.  I've had to knock a couple of my go to sellers off due to poor performances recently.  I decided to try another seller, greenie2, with a 20 card commons order to see how they handled the transaction.

I was impressed...

My 1985 Topps set is pretty much completed, as the remainder of my want list is in my COMC cart.  These 5 cards I was able to find for a quarter or less apiece, so I saved about $2 altogether compared to COMC. 

Same with the 1980 set.  These were all priced at the 18 cent minimum, and knocked 8 cards off the '80T want list.   The remainder of the cards I need, except for the Rickey Henderson RC, are also in my COMC cart.  So today's card show will hopefully turn up a good Rickey RC at a decent price, and I can put this set to bed as well.

I didn't want to be too cheap for the first purchase with a new seller, so I added 7 1982 Topps commons to the list.  I have a very long way to go for this set, as these 7 put me just over 20% complete. 

What impressed me about this seller was the speed (had the cards in less than a week, including the holiday), and the packaging.  The seller used cardboard cutouts to protect the brick of cards, perfectly I might add.  It's been a while since I've seen anyone take that much care in shipping.

So while I haven't been posting on the blog at all for a little over 2 weeks, the piles on the desk are starting to grow.   This means I'll be writing some posts over the next few days.

Try to keep the groans to a minimum...OK?

Thanks for reading, Robert