Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Touch 'em all

No word of a lie, my goal now that I'm in my final home is to touch every card that I own and determine if it fits in with my collection.  There's going to be a lot of cards that will have to go (probably to a worthy store for donation), I'm also putting together my first box to send to COMC to sell (there are a ton of inserts/parallels that I own that aren't needed), and a third pile that has started are sets that I would like to build/complete.

So far, I've found 4 sets that I'd really like to build and have in my collection.  They may or may not make sense from where you sit, but I'd like to have these in some binders and put away to look at in the future. 

Also, there's no real hurry now to complete anything new that I add to the want list, because I probably will not be putting a lot of money into my collection for the foreseeable future.   Funny how a new house changes your priorities, huh?

But for now, enjoy my babbling about these 4 sets and let me know if you think I'm crazy for wanting to add them to my collection.

1982 Topps

Although the Night Owl ranked this 37th in his countdown of top 50 Topps sets of all time, I like this set better than some of the ones he ranked ahead of it.  While the Jim Clancy you see here is a prime example of the blurry photos that the Owl talks about, the hockey stick design is a lot better than many of the others in the 80's and 90's. 

So far I've only located 18 cards from the 792 card set in my travels, I'm sure that I'll find some more once I've touched all my cards.  Plus, the only card in the set that's going to set me back any kind of $$ is the Ripken RC, so this set shouldn't do a lot of damage to my wallet.

1990 Leaf

I've false started on this set a couple of times, wanting to put it together but then finding other sets or projects that I wanted more.  In the early 90's, I'm of the opinion that this set was the only real competition for the next set that I'm going to talk about.  I remember the hefty price of packs when this came out ($3 was unheard of and scared off a lot of collectors); by the time series 2 came out, the buzz had subsided somewhat since UD packs were still a $1 and the quality was pretty much the same.

I have just 16 of the 528 cards in this set so far, another number that I believe will increase by the time I get my hands on everything.  The rookies are going to be fun to hunt down, as there are some good names in the '90 set, such as Frank Thomas, Larry Walker, Sammy Sosa and John Olerud.  Still, I'm sure that there enough of these commons lying around in peoples commons boxes that I should have no trouble finishing this off.

1989 Upper Deck

I got back into collecting a year after this set came out, and I should have put it together then, instead of waiting several years then being scared off by the high prices that the Griffey Jr. RC commanded. 

Live and learn.

I have 34 of these cards right now, again not a big portion of the set, but I'm hoping to be closer to 100 once I've had a look at everything in my stash.  The crazy reverse negatives aren't going to be a concern of mine, as I'll just try and obtain the corrected versions (if there any). 

1992-93 Bowman hockey

The reason I put this 4th out of the 4 sets I want to build is strictly because of the foil cards in the set.  Pricey enough that I'll be talking my time going after them, this set will probably be the last of these 4 that I'll chase.  It's the smallest of the 4 sets on this post (only 400 cards), but when all the major stars have foil cards which are still quite popular with collectors (and sellers), chasing the set piece by piece may get expensive. 

I still have about a dozen monster boxes to go through, so touching 'em all is going to take some time, but the trips that I'll have down memory lane will be worth it.

thanks for reading, Robert

Saturday, August 20, 2016

I don't think a week will be enough

Looking at the task I have ahead of me, getting my collection "somewhat" straightened out is going to require a lot of hours.  This next week I am on vacation, and part of that time is going to be spent trying to get cards in order. 

7 days to get this mess in order?  Fat chance.  But hey, if I can get some of it out of the way (the spare bed right now is covered in binders for starters) then I'll consider the week a success.

I found one binder so old it had Pittsburgh Steeler cards in it.   I haven't actively pursued football cards in years....

Anyhow, I'll keep posting the SNI cards on here for the foreseeable future until I get some semblance of order in my chaotic card world.  At least I can find the SNI binders!

Page 10, coming at ya...

Card #82:  Matt Garza, 2009 Topps Finest #82/399.  Courtesy of Simon from the 7 Hours from Tampa Bay blog.  Tampa Bay card #3
Card #83:  Carl Crawford, 2010 Topps T206 chrome #83/999.  Purchased at a card show in western PA.  Tampa Bay card #4
Card #84:  Chance Cisco, 2013 Bowman blue #84/500.  Courtesy of Alex from the Chavez Ravining blog.  Baltimore card #5

Card #85:  Austin Kearns, 2004 Topps gold #85/2004.  Courtesy of Jim from the GCRL blog (retired).  Cincinnati card #3
Card #86:  Brett Kay, 2002 Topps Chrome #86/100.  Purchased at a card show in western PA.  New York Mets card #1
Card #87:  Stephen Strasburg, 2011 Bowman blue #87/500.  Courtesy of Dennis from the Too Many Verlanders blog.  Washington card #2

Card #88:  Adam Stern, 2003 Topps gold #88/2003.  Courtesy of the Sandlot cards blog.  Atlanta card #7
Card #89:  Rashun Dixon, 2010 Bowman orange #89/250.  Courtesy of the I collect ball cards blog.
Oakland card #3
Card #90:  Russell Martin, 2011 Topps Chrome atomic refractor #90/225.  I actually do remember pulling this card out of a 25 cent box at a card show!  New York Yankees card #2

The Mets are finally on the board, leaving just the Pirates as the only team without a card shown in the first 10 pages.  The Pirates actually end up being the only team without a card in the first 100 cards of the set.

Still a long way to go and a lot of posts to ensure that the SNI set is up to date and accurate, because my record keeping got a little shoddy (insert your own SH word here if you like..) and also because I need some posting material until I get back into the game.

thanks for reading, Robert

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sometimes finding cards isn't such a good thing.

Yes, more of the moving into the new house chronicles.  I've been making an effort to start digging through boxes and plastic card holders to figure out just exactly what I have in my possession.  If you read this post last month, you may recall that I started toying with the idea of starting a hockey version of the SNI.

So what did I find in the last couple of nights?

2000-01 BAP Memorabilia Ruby Parallel of Richard Zednik of the Washington Capitals.   This is what's on the back.

Serial #'d 33/200.   I found 3 others from the same set, with serial #'s 49,61 and 178.  What worried me was that with such a limited print run, and many more serial #'d issues with similar low print runs, that a 1500 card SNI hockey set might be tough. 

Then, this evening I find these two cards. 

On the back?

There's a couple of larger serial #'s.  I don't think that there are too many hockey sets with serial #'d print runs as big as 98-99 Black Diamond.  SPx Finite is the only other one that comes to mind (it would take care of the higher numbers).  Other hockey sets such as SP Authentic and Artifacts would help to fill in holes as well. 

With the baseball SNI set very close to completion, I seem to be trying to talk myself into starting the hockey version.  It certainly would take as long, if not longer than the baseball set did, because there are fewer hockey collectors in the blogosphere, so it would be much more of an individual effort.

However, with just 6 of the potential 1500 serial #'s in hand, this idea may still be just a pipe dream.  But with my intention of going through every card that I have over the next few weeks to see exactly what I have in hand, I may find more cards like this that I don't remember having.  

That thought scares me.   Stay tuned.

thanks for reading, Robert

Sunday, August 14, 2016

So far, so good, so much stuff

My moving situation was rather unique in that I made it to Florida last August, while my wife and my stuff didn't join me until the beginning of December.  I took a week off in October to go up north and help with packing, but for the most part, my better half did a lot of the packing.

I can only imagine what we'd be going through now if we brought everything we had in the house.  Thankfully we were able to sell/give quite a lot of stuff away, and the burden we are facing now is a lot more manageable.  The one thing however that didn't get pared down was my card collection.  Most of that thankfully is in boxes that were easy enough to move.  However, the binders were plentiful, and sadly, not labelled very well.

That makes things a little tougher when you're getting settled.  I was finally able to dig up the first binder of the SNI set the other day, which means I'm can get back to posting and making sure that I've not made any mistakes with this craziness.

With all that being said, here's page #9 of the SNI set, which is a bit overdue.

Card #73:  Heath Bell, 2011 Topps Chrome Atomic Refractor #73/225.  Courtesy of Ted from the Crinkly Wrappers blog (retired).  San Diego card #5
Card #74:  Miguel Cabrera, 2006 Topps Moments and Milestones #74/150.  Courtesy of Mark from the Stats on the Back blog.  Florida card #3
Card #75:  Nick Green, 2005 Topps Chrome Refractor #75/225.  Courtesy of Dennis form the Too Many Verlanders blog.  Atlanta card #6

Card #76:  Adrian Beltre, 2011 Topps Heritage Chrome #76/1962.  Purchased at an unknown card show.  Boston card #3
Card #77:  Jon Lester, 2011 Topps Marquee blue parallel #77/299.  Courtesy of the Night Owl.  Boston card #4
Card #78:  Cole Figueroa, 2011 Bowman Chrome #78/799.  Courtesy of Jeroen from the Dutch Card Guy blog.  Tampa Bay card #2

Card #79:  Miguel Cabrera 2009 Topps Ticket to stardom #79/99.  Courtesy of Max from the Starting Nine blog.  Detroit card #1
Card #80:  Justin Verlander 2007 Topps Moments and Milestones #80/150.  Picked up at the 2012 National.  Detroit card #2
Card #81:  Chris Carpenter, 2009 Topps Triple Threads #81/1350.  Picked up at the 2012 National.  St. Louis card #7

Dopey me, the last post I did for page 8 I mentioned that 2 of the 3 teams that didn't have cards yet would be taken care of on this page.   WRONG!!  Just Detroit hit the board on this post, so I'm down to the Pirates and the Mets that haven't broken the ice. 

Now, all I have to do is find the time to start writing posts again. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Moving sucks

For 5 days, computers and blogging was an absolute afterthought.  Between Friday of last week and Tuesday of this week, my only thoughts were gathering up my stuff, loading it onto a truck, carting it to a new home, and getting it off the truck.

Now all I have to do is sort out where it all goes. 

Speaking of sorting, that may be the project I have for the foreseeable future as far as my collection goes.  With the new house comes increased financial responsibilities, which may turn the $30 a week budget into the $30 a month budget.  I may end up turning to selling some of my excess on COMC or Sportlots in order to finance my card purchases.

For now, let's get back into the swing of posting, shall we?  My favorite blogger and trading partner, the Night Owl, sent me an envelope of great stuff to sort of break in the new home (well not really, I'm just making it so).

First off, a couple of requested cards.  The Jose Fernandez brings me down to just two of the Starting Points cards from last years A&G that are needed.  The McCutchen goes into the PC to build that up a little more...

5 more cards to knock off the eternal Blue Jays want list.  I get a kick out of Carlos Delgado cards featuring him as a catcher.

Some new stuff that wasn't on any want list, but was still new to me and needed.  Love the Tony Fernandez and Edwin Encarnacion cards.  Someone help me out, is the Josh Donaldson card from this year's Heritage?  I have no idea.

I was never a big fan of the Classic sets, but these two cards were needed, and will have to be cataloged when I start going through all the Blue Jays cards I own again.  I've fallen so far behind with my spreadsheet I've decided I'm going to take the time and redo the whole damn thing.   That'll keep me busy!

A couple of cards that were previously on want lists, but have long since been removed.  The Kyle Phillips may be one of the best Blue Jays cards that I own, and I am sure that I've received so many from the blogosphere that I could probably fill a 9 pocket page.  I'll get back to you on that...

As usual, our envelopes contain some kind of vintage cards towards sets, and this envelope was no different.  The Luis Aparicio was a welcome sight, and the crease in the upper left doesn't make a damn bit of difference to me, I was extremely happy to see this inside!

A well loved '59 Topps LA Dodgers team photo was the piece de resistance of the envelope.  No, I didn't hold a gun to N.O.'s head or threaten him with incriminating photos, he voluntarily sent this my way.  ( I hope he has a copy for himself...wait a minute, I'm sure he does)

Another fantastic envelope, thank you very much Greg!!

thanks for reading, Robert