Saturday, December 29, 2012

The November project purchase #7: 5 vintage cards

I decided to finish up this little project by cherry picking some single card auctions on eBay.  I hit 3 cards from the '64 Topps set, a '75 Topps Rod Carew, and finally a '77 Topps Willie McCovey.

Number of cards in lot: 5
Total amount spent : $10.10 (shipping was free)  Final total of all purchases was $96.63
Seller:  battersbox

Ol' Fritz Ackley has a little bit of the Wally Moon unibrow happening there.  I was happy to knock off a couple more of the Yankees from the '64 set, along with picking up a couple of star cards from the '70s sets that I'm working on. 

This little project was fun, I added a solid Blue Jay autograph to my collection (Drabek), got an excellent start on a '76 Topps set, won two great lots of '75 and '73 Topps, and found an absolute steal on a nice lot of '62 Topps. 

And, I still had $3.37 in change....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. That's a great Don Buford rookie. BTW, I have a bunch of 1973 Topps cards from your want list to send your way if you are interested. If you want them, just reach out and I can get them in the post.