Saturday, December 8, 2012


Sometimes, blog post titles are just too easy.  I still owe the very generous Jeff over at 2x3 heroes some cards in return for the great deal of insanity he sent my way.  Included was this little beauty...

I thought this guy was a corner back?

Why so special?  It's serial #'d 23/150.  The card completes my 6th page of insanity!!  Take a look...

7 different bloggers contributed to this page, with Dennis at Too Many Grandersons Verlanders contributing 2 of them (the Drese and Loretta).  6 pages down, 160 to sweat.

If you're wondering why I didn't entitle the post "2x3=6" (the 6 would have been appropriate because this is the 6th page completed), well, everyone already knows that 2x3=6. 

At least 2x3=9 makes you wonder a little before opening.

Thank you Jeff!!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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