Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My top 25 sets #7: 2008 UD Masterpieces

Set  2008 UD Masterpieces
Number of cards in set: 120
Affordability: 8
Key RCs:  Evan Longoria, Max Scherzer
Is the set built?:   Need just 8 SPs to finish the set

What I like about this set:  The artwork is what separates UD Masterpieces from any other art related set.  The design is also great, with the border not really a distraction for the picture of the player.  The set/(s) is/are so good, there is one blog out there dedicated to it.

The backs of the cards are sufficient, the top half containing roughly the top 1/3 of the artwork on the front, then there is a short bio and a 1 yr stat line for the player.  The team logo is in a black box below the stats.
What I don't like about this set:  120 cards, 30 SPs.  1 out of 4 cards is not a good ratio for SPs.   200 cards would have been a fabulous size for this set.

I would have loved to have seen UD keep this set going, because the 2 years that the company released this set is just a tease.  The designs were great, the player selection was good, and the parallels were a great touch, even if in some collector's eyes there may have been too many.

Somebody, please bring back a set styled like this would certainly get my attention.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. You are right. A shame UD didn't release more Masterpieces set after 2008.

    What I also like about this set and the cards is the feeling you get by touch. It really feels like a painting.