Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Retail therapy nets me my first auto of 2012-13

I've barely had time to think the past 2 weeks, let alone do such basic blog tasks as updating want lists, respond to emails, etc etc.

This past week was the worst, largely because after working and commuting to and from work, I've had no time to do any Christmas shopping.  That task was done this past weekend.

Unlike the myriad of others (including my wife), who do their shopping online, I still do it the old fashioned way.  I hop in my truck and drive towards the insanity.  Which this past weekend was Youngstown, OH, which is the nearest decent size city to us (25 minute drive).  Thankfully, it wasn't the normal mad house over there and I was able to hit a few stores with relatively no trouble at all.

One of those stores was Target, and naturally the card aisle was the last place I headed for after buying the Mrs. her loot.  I decided on a blaster of 2012-13 Score hockey as my little pick me up, and I ripped it on Saturday when I got home. 

This should tell you how busy I've been, it only took me three days to be able to brag about the auto I pulled.

Now I was aware that Marcus had his first taste of NHL action last season, but I was not aware of the impression that he made over that brief period of time.  13 pts in 14 games is nothing to sneeze at, and if he can keep up that pace, I'm sure that he'll get a longer look the next time he's called back up to the big squad (which I'm fully convinced will be 2013-14, since the No Hockey League refuses to play this year).

This card was great to pull, as with most of Score's base brand releases, hits are few and far between. 

At least I can say I beat the odds this year...

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I still have nine packs left to open from my blaster. Hopefully I'm as lucky as you.