Saturday, December 1, 2012

My top 25 sets #25: 1986 Topps

Set:  1986 Topps
Number of cards in set:  792 (largest set in the countdown)
Affordability:  10.  If you can't afford this set, you shouldn't be collecting cards...
Key RCs:  Ozzie Guillen, Cecil Fielder, Harold Reynolds, Lenny Dykstra
Is the set built?: Close, as of writing this post I needed 36 cards

What I like about this set:  The set size for me was an allure, since I've always enjoyed putting together larger sets.  Also, there is something that is just so simplistic about this set design that made me want to collect it.  It isn't great by any stretch of the imagination, but so far since I returned to collecting the '86 Topps set is the only set from the '80s that I've wanted to collect.  I also like the tribute to Pete Rose by showing all the cards produced of him over the years.

This is likely a set that will fall off of the 2013 countdown when new sets come into play.  It was definitely good for a few posts this year.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. This set has alot of nostalgia for me, but looking back I realize it's not one of the better efforts. I like the 82, 83, 87 and 88 sets from that time-frame way better!

  2. I disagree, the simple design is perfect for the time period. It is my favorite set of all time. Heck I have devoted the last month (and next two months) on my blog to this set design.

  3. Although '83 is probably my favorite Topps design of the 1980's, you can never go wrong with anything from '86 as well. I especially like the black/blue color combos on the Expos and Blue Jays issues.

  4. I don't think '86 is anywhere near my top 25, but I have always said I like it ... or more like, I take pity on it.

    The design is super cool. But the photos, wow, just some totally inferior pix.