Friday, December 7, 2012

My top 25 sets #19: 2002-03 Heritage Hockey

Set: 2002-03 Topps Heritage
Number of cards in set: 180
Affordability: 8
Key RCs:  Henrik Zetterberg, Rick Nash, Jason Spezza
Is the set built?:   60/180 so far

What I like about this set:  Since I pretty much cannot afford the original 1966-67 Topps set that this was patterned after, this is a pretty good "consolation".  The TV set design is a classic, and Topps did a really good job of mimicking the original with this set.  I still haven't seen any of the relics (live) to date, but would love to obtain a Sawchuk or Bower relic card from this set for my Leafs collection.  One of the last hockey sets that I can remember that included bubble gum in the packs (I'm sure that there's probably one more recent that somebody can remind me about...)

What I don't like about this set:  No different than its baseball brother, SPs account for the last 25 cards.  At least that's more manageable than the 75 the baseball Heritage gives us. Would have liked this set to be bigger than 180 cards as well.

Buying a hobby box to try and complete the set is also an expensive proposition, with boxes running in the $150 range.  Probably will be a 2013 project to complete this set...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. There was a Topps Heritage set with bubble gum.

    Anyways, loved this set.

  2. Both this and the 1966-67 set are "tributes" (rip-offs seems severe, especially since I really like them) of the 1955 Bowman set. Mogilny was a monster for the Sabers on NHLPA Hockey '93 for Genesis.