Sunday, December 9, 2012

My top 25 sets # 17: 1983-84 OPC Hockey

Set: 1983-84 OPC Hockey
Number of cards in set: 396
Affordability: 8.5
Key RCs: Pelle Lindbergh, Scott Stevens, Steve Larmer, Bernie Nicholls, Guy Carbonneau,
Is the set built?:    See below

What I like about this set:  396 cards is a great set size, especially when you're putting them in pages (exactly 44 pages needed).  A lot of great rookies in this set, and at $20, the Lindbergh is a great card at a decent price.  The stick blade and puck design that house the players position and team logo do not detract from the photo of the player.   For the collector on a budget, this set is very affordable for a 30 year old set, and probably will remain that way for many years to come with no "huge" RCs to speak of, unlike many other 80's OPC sets.

What I don't like about this set:  Being absolutely nit-picky, the green lettering on top of the green background on the back of the cards can be a little difficult to read sometimes. 

This set represents one of the 2 biggest mistakes I've made when it comes to card collecting.  I had this set about half complete about 12-13 years ago, and I sold off the cards.   I don't even remember why.  I have maybe a handful of cards, and this set will be another project to complete, especially since it is so affordable.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. You love the 76-77 Set, I love this one...not sure why, I didn't collect back then, but I just love it. I am nearly done this one....mostly packs and lots purchases here and there....when finished it will feel awesome I am sure.

  2. This is a great set. For some reason the backs of the OPC cards remind me of ice (whereas the Topps don't) and I think that's why I prefer them so much more than the Topps counter-parts.

  3. Collected this one from packs back in the day. I was always embittered by the Flames in the goofy practice jerseys with "Molson" on them, but it's a good set with some sleeper RCs. The Lindbergh is a great card.