Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dave Stieb is no Tim "the tool man" Taylor

But his slider certainly sawed through a few bats in his day!!  Leave it up to Nick at the "veteran" Dime Boxes blog to send me something that's going to leave me in a quandary.

One thing I've learned since I started blogging is that you have to expect the unexpected.  This card that Nick sent me, is evidence of this.   Take a look at this 1986 True Value Dave Stieb:

Now, here's the back of the card/envelope.  As you can clearly see it's unopened.

Help a brother out here.  Is the card of Dave Stieb inside, or am I going to open the envelope up and find a set of lock washers or a key of some sort?  I've never seen anything like this before.  With a little research I found out that the set is 30 cards, and features a good selection of players including George Brett, Andre Dawson, Robin Yount, Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan and Reggie Jackson. 

The first place I went to hunt for these cards is trading card, where I found the image of Steve Garvey's card, front and back. 

I would feel better about opening the envelope if I knew that Stieb's card is inside. 

Any knowledge about these would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Hey Robert, from what I know, if you open the flaps on the Stieb, a panel of three cards should fall out. It looks something like this:

    I've seen collectors do it both ways. Some simply keep the original card intact, while others open it to get the panel of three cards.

    I had a feeling this one had your name all over it when I found it in a quarter bin last month. :)

  2. Robert, when you open the pack up it unfolds. IIRC, there are four separate panels (one is an ad) that are perforated together. So yes, you get the Stieb card, along with two others.

  3. Voila:

    (bottom of the post)