Saturday, July 3, 2021

No delay

A couple weeks back I mentioned the West Palm Beach card show and that was another show closer to my house the next weekend (which was last week).   

I asked my good friend Chris if he'd like to make the trek to Pompano Beach (30 minutes) and have a look around.  Off we went.

It was almost the same M.O. as the previous week.  I hit one table, stayed there for about an hour and a half, and spent $20.

This time, the table was nothing but football, and the boxes I hit were 25c boxes.   Still did quite well though!

Sometimes, you just got to dig for stuff....

Amazing I found 3 Larry Fitzgerald cards in the quarter box, all of them jersey cards.   The Classics and the Prestige cards are both numbered as well, so this was quite the score.

I also found a dozen other base and parallel cards of Fitz that I needed.  

This next pair of scans is what really got me though.  I found 16 cards, in a quarter box, all serial #'d to 99!

These aren't your rookie flops or guys that you have never heard of, I found quite a few decent names in here, past and present.  This find takes me well over the 100 card mark for the serial #'d/99 collection and I'm still blown away about how many of these kinds of cards I've found for cheap.

I started finding trade bait, along with cards that I put in the pile just because I liked the look of them.

I thought that these would scan better, because I really like the look of these Panini Unparalleled cards.  The Tyler Lockett card on the left is #'d out of 49 and these just look great in general.

The Chronicles are either green or purple parallels

All kinds of parallels and #'d cards were in these boxes.  I did grab a few from a dollar and 2 dollar box, but when I went to pay thinking I had about $30 worth of cards in the pile, I was told just $20.

Honestly, I don't remember the last time I did card shows in 2 straight weekends.  

Getting out 2 weekends in a row felt really good though after being away and cooped up for 15-16 months.  I'm going to take a couple of weekends off and wait for the next show on the 18th in West Palm Beach.  Maybe make it 3 straight shows where I only spend 20 bucks.

Enjoy the hobby!!


2nd straight week of winning at a card show


  1. Yowza! Great finds. The Lockett is awesome and Fitz relics for a quarter? Wow!!

  2. Now that's what I call a show! Nice finds, Robert.

  3. Fitz relics for a quarter? That's quite a steal! And the parallels are great, too. I really like the Welker and Matthews cards in particular.

  4. Wow. Great finds. Much more value than what a typical blaster box would offer.

  5. I think that as time passes, finding cheap relics will become much more common. There's just so many of them out there!

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