Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Looking forward to the National, but not going (again)

For the 7th year in a row, I will not be going to the National.  2014 was the last time I went (Cleveland) and I remember quite vividly how much fun I had for the 2 days that I was there.

  • I remember being only a 90 minute drive from the show and not having to stay overnight at a hotel like I did in Baltimore two years prior.  That was a big plus as there's nothing better than sleeping in your own bed.   
  • Just seeing the mass of humanity and chatting up a lot of dealers and fellow collectors while sifting through boxes was the most fun; I'm looking forward to doing that again someday at the National (2022 I hope)
This show I'm sure is going to be crazy, with the hobby in such a state of hysteria I'm sure that a lot of money will be changing hands.  Sadly, or possibly a good thing, none of the money will be mine.  I'm hoping to see a lot of pictures though of what's going on there for the next several days so I can live vicariously through the amusement of others.

For now, I'll be happy hitting more shows here in South Florida.  There's one each of the next 3 weekends and if I feel like driving 2-3 hours there's a show every weekend for me through Labor Day weekend if I'm in the spending spirit.

Hopefully I can find more additions to my collection such as the 2020 Gold Foil Andrew McCutchen I found in a 3/$1 box last weekend in WPB.  The photo isn't too bad considering I have to use my camera now as my scanner will not scan at all.  

To those of you that are going to Rosemont, have a great time!!  Send lots of pics!! 

Most of all, enjoy the hobby.



  1. I feel you on the lack of a scanner, although I'm just now coming to terms with my scanning app. It's OK.

    If I had a card show every weekend, I wouldn't even think about the National.

  2. I'll be sure to have a full report on the National on the blog at some point next week. I'm fully expecting a combination of excitement and insanity.

  3. If it were closer I might think about going, but a 16-hour total drive isn't something that I'm willing to do just for some cards.

  4. I'd like to go to the National one day... but it's not likely to happen until either:

    1. I retire and I can take an epic road trip where the show is one of many highlights and not the focus of the vacation.

    2. It comes out to the West Coast.

    Definitely look forward to seeing the show's recaps on blogs, since I know several bloggers who will be attending.