Tuesday, July 13, 2021

A bit of a '59 kick

After finding lots of little cards over the past few weeks at card shows, I decided last weekend to start knocking on the door of the '59 Topps set which I've neglected for a while.

I did a bit of ebay hunting and found 8 cards to knock off the want list, some high numbers and a few cards that cost me $10-20.  This is fine because I know if I'm ever going to put this set to bed that I'm going to have to spend some money.

This post features the first 2 cards I received today, both of them falling in the aforementioned $10-20 range. 

$15 shipped brought the high numbered all star card of Moose Skowron home.  The all star cards look great, possibly better than any other all star cards from later Topps issues.  I still have 13 more of these to find for the set, including all the big names so that challenge is yet to come.

Not the greatest copy of the Willie Mays Baseball Thrills card, but for $21 shipped, I'm very happy to have it in my possession.  I only need 3 more of these for the set, naturally it's Mantle, Kaline and Aaron.  

I have 3 more high series cards plus one big name on the way, hopefully they'll all be here by the weekend so I can show them off as well.  Once those come in, I'll be over the 500 card mark, as well as dipping below 70 cards needed to finish the set.  

Quick COMC update:

Order placed 7/3 -- 1,234,761 cards ahead of my order

it's now 7/13 -- 1,172,490  (pace of 6227 cards per day).  

188 days to go at the current pace.  That's Monday, January 17th, 2022.  Not October 25th, 2021.  

Enjoy the hobby!



  1. Nice '59s, especially the Skowron. I'm working on 1959 too, but you're about 400 cards ahead of me.

    Hope your COMC order doesn't take too long. I have a good amount of 1959s waiting at COMC right now. I'll probably get them shipped sometime later this year.

  2. I really need to add a copy of that Mays card to my collection. Probably shouldn't have waited so long since these days I'm on a much stricter budget. Seeing you were able to grab a copy for $21 gives me hope though.

  3. The Mays is obviously awesome, but ALL Skowron cards are cool!

  4. That Mays sure has gone up. I can remember passing on a nice copy for under $10 a couple of years ago because I thought it was "too expensive".