Monday, July 5, 2021


I've really taken a step back from posting the past 3 months because the desire to write has really dropped off, along with a lot of household issues that have distracted me and taken a lot of my time away from the keyboard.

I think this is the first time that I've written 2 posts in the same week since March, which is OK.   My interest in cards hasn't waned in the mean time as I'm still working on my favorite passion in collecting which is knocking down want lists.

The one set that I have finished in the past 3 months is the 2008 Allen & Ginter set, the 6th of the A&G run that I've completed.  Trades and small purchases off of Sportlots really knocked this set down quick to the point where I needed just 2 cards.

Glavine and Pierzynski were both quite cheap for SP cards, which is something that I've found a lot more in the past several months, cheap short prints from all along the A&G run.  I'm closing in on a couple other A&G sets and still really just getting going on years such as '06, '07, '13 and '14.  

You might be wondering what the title # of this post is all about.  It's a little humor (OK, very little) on my part to have some fun with the amount of cards that is ahead of my order on COMC.  This # is up to date as of 6:45 this evening, or just before writing this post.

Now the # of "items ahead of my order" is kind of a new thing on the site. I'm sure that some collectors will find the number depressing, intimidating or just plain crazy.  But for me, I'm going to have fun with it.  Numbers have always been my thing and now I have some easy title fodder for the blog, when I do decide to write posts.  

Let's see if the estimated ship/pick date of October 25th comes true.  That date is 2 days before my birthday, but I'm not holding my breath just yet.

Enjoy the hobby!



  1. Good luck with your COMC order!

    While I'm not the biggest A&G fan, it's never been because of the design. And 2008 is as simple and classy as it gets. Great looking cards.

  2. Just requested my inventory to be shipped this morning. 91,374 was my magic number about 6 hours ago. It's down to 89,761. By the way... I paid extra for priority shipping.

  3. As of this post, I'm about 500,000 ahead of you.

  4. I never really stop collecting but my creativity and interest in writing about the cards I accumulated does have its low points.

    I'm on COMC's incredibly long waiting list, too. My 32 cards were originally scheduled to ship mid-August. Now it's mid-September. If I get them by Christmas I'll be surprised. Last time I'm ever ordering from that site.

  5. Honestly love A&G and have started to collect 2014 and 2017 myself. I don't really know why those years, just did. And it's great to have you blogging semi-regularly again!