Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Inbound and down #3: Too Many Verlanders

Totally out of the blue today comes this PWE from the great (and snowy) state of Michigan.  One of the hotbeds of college hockey is Red Berenson's Wolverines, and Dennis from the Too Many Verlanders blog is a big fan of the maize and blue.

Dennis was a big supporter of the Serial Numbered Insanity baseball project, and has jumped in on the Hockey version as well.  I received 7 cards in a PWE today, with a couple of cards from a set that I don't ever remember seeing previously...

The Tony Esposito is my 3rd different card of him already in the set.  Dennis is also the 3rd source of Esposito cards.  It's almost as if nobody else from Chicago is going to be in the set (nahhhh).  The Amonte and Spezza cards are from the 2003-04 Pacific Heads Up set; they are the Hobby Ltd. parallels numbered to 299.  The Amonte brings Philly up to 9 cards already, tied with Boston currently for the most accumulated so far.

Dennis also sent a group of 4 2003-04 Topps blue parallels.  These scanned really well, the serial numbers on the front stand out, even the Kubina which is kind of hidden in his dark jersey.  Martin Havlat recently retired from the NHL, having scored 240 goals over almost 800 career games.  Niklas Hagman played 770 games in the league, finishing his career in 2012 with 147 goals.  Pavel Kubina had a couple of 40 point seasons in Toronto in the late 00's, and finished just 30 games shy of the 1000 mark for his career.  Andrei Zyuzin was a high draft pick of the Sharks, 2nd overall in 1996.  His career probably didn't go the way he would have liked, not quite making 500 games for his time in North America. 

A great group of 7 cards to add to the SNIH project!  Thank you Dennis, the envelope and cards are greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Wow, those got there fast for a PWE! I hope you needed all of those (you did when I sent them, at least)

    1. Yes indeed I need them all!! 7 more numbers off of the want list, thank you Dennis!