Saturday, February 11, 2017

Serial Saturday #11: Two more pages

For those of you who were part of the 100 words/cards giveaway, this is a heads up to let you know that I finished the order today and have requested shipment.  Hopefully I'll have the cards in a couple of weeks and then I'll start to work on shipping them to everybody. 

It certainly was an educational project for me, as I learned a lot about what people collect.   There were some interesting sets/collections out there, and I'm looking forward to what people thought about the cards I sent their way.

Now, back to regular blog news, I decided to get a couple of SNI pages scanned and posted today.  I have approximately 1/2 of the serial numbered hockey cards into pages and hope to have them put away this week. 

Hope you enjoy pages 32 and 33 of SNI...

Card 280:  Justin Upton, 2010 Topps triple threads #280/1350.  Arizona card #8
Card 281:  Alexei Ramirez, 2011 Topps triple threads #281/525.  Chicago White Sox card #7
Card 282:  Danny Espinosa, 2012 Topps Heritage #282/563.  Washington card #12

Card 283:  Rod Barajas, 2010 Topps Gold #283/2010.  Toronto card #17
Card 284:  Evan Anundsen, 2010 Bowman Chrome #284/777.  Milwaukee card #5
Card 285:  Tyler Clippard, 2007 Bowman Chrome #285/500.  New York Yankees card #8

Card 286:  John Danks, 2013 Topps Gold #286/2013.  Chicago White Sox card #8
Card 287:  Tyler Colvin, 2011 Bowman Green #287/450.  Chicago Cubs #7
Card 288:  Collin Balester, 2009 Topps Gold #288/2009.  Washington card #13

Both the White Sox and the Nationals represented twice on this page.  The Milwaukee card leaves just the Pirates as the only team not to reach the 5 card plateau. 

The John Danks card was the only one on this page that I was responsible for, the other 8 were courtesy of the blogosphere.  The Night Owl sent me 2 of these, while 6 other bloggers sent 1 each.

Card 289:  John Lackey, 2007 Topps gold #289/2007.  Los Angeles Angels card #15
Card 290:  Brian Bannister, 2009 Topps gold #290/2009.  Kansas City card #11
Card 291:  Colby Lewis, 2011 Topps gold #291/2011.  Texas card #11

Card 292:  Joey Votto, 2011 Topps triple threads #292/525.  Cincinnati card #9
Card 293:  Javier Vazquez, 2010 Topps Chrome purple #293/299.  New York Yankees card #9
Card 294:  Lance Berkman, 2011 Bowman blue #294/500.  St. Louis card #16

Card 295:  Brian McCann, 2011 Bowman green #295/450.  Atlanta card #11
Card 296:  Tom Koehler, 2013 Topps gold #296/2013.  Miami card #11
Card 297:  Anthony Ortega, 2009 Bowman blue #297/500.  Los Angeles Angels card #16

I purchased 4 of the 9 cards on this page, 3 of the 4 coming via two different visits to the National in 2012 and 2014.  Both of the pages today had one card come from Ted who ran the Crinkly Wrappers blog (hope all is well for you Ted!). 

The most interesting card for me is the Brian Bannister card.  I thought that the placing of the glove over the mouth to prevent the other team from reading lips was a more recent phenomena, but I guess it's been going on longer than I thought. 

Next page up will bring the set to over 20% displayed in page form.  Still quite a ways to go.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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