Sunday, February 19, 2017

Just a lazy Sunday

This is one of those Sundays between when the Super Bowl is played and the MLB regular season begins.   You just don't feel like doing shit, right?  So I figured that I'd make it easy on myself today and just post a quick SNI page to have something online....

Page 34 it is...

Card 298:  Zack Greinke, 2011 Topps Heritage Chrome refractor #298/562.  Milwaukee card #6
Card 299:  Kurt Suzuki, 2012 Topps gold #299/2012.  Oakland card #16
Card 300:  Ray Knight, 2002 Topps Super teams #300/1986.  New York Mets card #7

Card 301:  Kosuke Fukudome, 2011 Bowman Green #301/450.  Chicago Cubs card #8
Card 302:  Kevin Barry, 2006 Topps '52 #302/1952.  Atlanta card #12
Card 303:  Alex Rodriguez, 2006 Topps gold #303/2006.  New York Yankees card #10

Card 304:  Carl Crawford, 2010 Topps Opening Day blue #304/2010.  Tampa Bay card #12
Card 305:  Chris Dennis, 2011 Bowman Chrome #305/799.  Milwaukee card #7
Card 306:  CC Sabathia, 2010 Bowman blue #306/500.  New York Yankees card #11

Lots of cards to like on this page.  The Sabathia card with the Sony advertising, the Carl Crawford card featuring Aaron Hill of the Blue Jays doing his best fish out of water impression, or the Kurt Suzuki card showing him getting rid of his mask to make a play. 

The biggest contributor to this page?  A couple of Bench trades got me 2 of these cards, while I got the other 7 from various sources.  The Ray Knight card source is a mystery to me, as I failed to record where or who the card came from.   If you remember sending it my way, let me know!

Thanks for reading, Robert