Sunday, June 23, 2013

Series 2?

How do I compare series 2 to series 1?   I'll use one of my favorite lines.

It's the same, only different.

I decided to end my pack ripping drought yesterday and bought a blaster and a hangar box of series 2 flagship.  Nothing flashy, nothing spectacular, just the same old stuff we've come to expect from a flagship release.

Plenty of Wal Mart blues to go around...the Michael Bourn in the lower right is a helluva shot (along with some great advertising for Pepsi and Gatorade).

A happy accident that Harper wound up in the center.  He's no Paul Lynde
A trio of greens also made their way in to my packs/boxes:

3 of the '72 minis also found their way here....pretty solid names this time!!

These will make their way to player/team collectors very shortly...
Sadly, I only pulled one Blue Jay, but I guess that's just how it Gose (ya, I know it's bad but I'll get a lot of mileage off his name...)

You're wondering about the manupatch?  '73 Topps Roberto Clemente was an interesting choice to include in the set...

It's been quite interesting to see on the blogs and twitter to see the opinions/feelings/comments of others who have ripped series 2 already.

For me, it's like this.  You get what you pay for.  Still under $2 a pack retail, we really should not be expecting a great deal.  In Canada, $2 for the past 20 years has been reduced to a coin.  What I'm saying is, $2 is really nothing to be spending on a pack of cards in 2013....

I will put the set together, with the help of my friends in blog land, and leave the criticism of the Topps monopoly to those who feel truly slighted.

I have bigger fish to fry, like finding a cheap '64 Mantle....

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I ripped two blasters, and I felt nothing.

    1. You and many others....I hear you Roy...

  2. bought 5 packs pack had all the corners dinged up, I took it as a sign, but that AJackson is looking slick!

  3. I think the deal was better back in the day though. The damaged cards really stick in my gut.

  4. I made the same purchase you did. I'll have it up on Monday. I can't understand the damaged cards. I think they must have the same yahoos working in quality control that work in the redemption department.

  5. Ya, unfortunately the packs are 2.49 up here and the 36 card hangers are 6.98 at Walmart, not 4.99. Our local doesn't have them yet but I buy them across the river in the Falls NY. anyway.

    BTW, how come there are so few Jays in packs? I've only got Melky after 5 singles and 2 hangers.