Monday, June 17, 2013

Spikes, Bowman and other thoughts

It's been a long week to say the least.   But I'm back, and ready to go.  A few things on my mind, nothing serious, but some stuff that I thought I'd share none the less.

Spikes:  I thought about this while going through a week's worth of posts from the Night Owl today.   There likely will be a lot of you that will see a spike in their page views as I work my way through catching up on all the blogs that I read.  So if you see me with about 10 page views in a short period of time on your blog, I'm not drunk, just behind.

Bowman:  I got home yesterday late in the afternoon, and while relaxing watching some Game of Thrones reruns, I decided to sort the 2 blasters and 2 rack packs of Bowman that I purchased several weeks back.  I've never really ever collected Bowman in the past, maybe a handful of packs each season are what I've purchased. 

I realized that there are actually 3 base sets, along with several parallels of each.  I also realized while thumbing through the 43 doubles that I pulled that the collation is no different from any other Topps product. 

Disappointing?  You betcha.  Surprising?  Hardly.  Looks like I'll be moving some of the parallels to some team collectors here this will be nice to get back in the swing of sending envelopes, something I've done very little of the past several weeks.

I've got a couple of the ice blues to move

Other thoughts: 

To those who expressed their condolences last weekend, just a quick thank you.   Those words meant a lot.

My thanks also go out to Doug (Sportscards from the Dollar Store) and Pat (Hot Corner Cards) who were great enough to send me cards while I was away last week.   Posts to come...

Seeing the Penguins go down in hot, burning flames to the Bruins in 4 made me feel so much better about the performance the Leafs gave in round 1...

What happens to Andre Ethier once Matt Kemp returns?  Puig mania seems to be gripping southern California, and what I saw this past weekend against the Pirates made me a believer.

Blackhawks in 7.  Is that what I'm predicting?  No, it's what I want....

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Once you've decided which team collectors get what Bowman cards, please take a look at my want list. Trying for a base set and a parallel set!

    1. Oh, and welcome back! Cheering on the Blackhawks as well!

  2. Robert, sorry I missed the original post, but I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I can really sympathize. I spend Father's Day weekend sitting next to my grandmother who wasn't expected to see another day. She's still here, but today looks like her last. My prayers are with you and your family.