Sunday, June 30, 2013

Serial insanity cards 856-860

Still trudging our way through the 1500 card set.  What's cool is people are still finding serial #'s to send to me.  Even though it may be 1 or 2 at a time now, the cards are still greatly appreciated.

Here's a look at the next 5..

Card # 856:  Santiago Casilla

Serial Number:  770
Team:  San Francisco Giants, card # 25 out of 50

How did San Francisco know?  6 years in Oakland, 5.11 ERA and 1.578 WHIP.  4 years so far in SF, 2.19 ERA and 1.183 WHIP.   Talk about a career turnaround...

Card # 857:  Mike Lowell

Serial Number:  878
Team:  Boston Red Sox, card #27 out of 50

Lowell was one of those players that was never "great", but he was a solid player for a long time, and he won.  2 World Series wins with Florida and Boston were probably a lot more rewarding than any personal honor that Mike could have won.

Card # 858:  Zach Duke

Serial Number:  698
Team:  Pittsburgh Pirates, card # 30 out of 50.

It's funny how posts like this help me get in touch with players.  I hadn't even heard that Duke was released earlier in June by the Nationals, and 4 days later was signed by the Cincinnati Reds.  Will be interesting to see if he can get his career turned around in the Queen city...

Card #859:  Troy Glaus

Serial Number: 1223
Team:  Toronto Blue Jays, card # 38/50

Picked 3rd overall in the 1997 draft, behind only Matt Anderson and J.D. Drew.  All 3 of those players are no longer in the big leagues.  The two players picked right behind Glaus are either having career years (Jason Grilli) or fighting to stay in the big leagues after several great seasons (Vernon Wells).  At 9th overall that year, there's a guy who's currently on the longest hitting streak so far this year in MLB (Michael Cuddyer)

Card # 860:  Josh Johnson

Serial Number:  776
Team:  Miami Marlins, card # 28 out of 50

OK, first I have to say this.  The orange used to work for me, now not so much.  I'm just praying that he can find the form of 2010 when he led the NL in ERA at 2.30.  The Jays could use this guy to step up and be the #1 pitcher that he can be when he's on. 

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Still one of the greatest undertakings in the history of mankind. Well, where serial number baseball cards made by Topps/Bowman is concerned!!! I just looked at your wantlist. I WILL find you some more my friend.