Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Part of what I like about the '73 set

It's been a while since I posted anything about the vintage sets I'm in the process of building.  Likely because I haven't been able to hit any shows for a couple of months now, and the incoming flow of older cards has been nil.

So, I took a quick look at the stack of doubles I have on my desk of the '73 Topps set, and found a few cards that reminded me why this set is one of my favorites. 

For your amusement is a half dozen various action shots which I found interesting for many different reasons.  The photos on the cards are interesting to me because they are shot at various angles and depths to the play.  The first one I found quite funny, it is card #236 of Tito Fuentes.

Tell me that this doesn't look like a WWE wrestling match, where one wrestler has his leg over his opponents throat, and the guy on the bottom is kicking wildly trying to get him off.  I can see the referee counting now...3, 4, 5!!

Next up, when was the last time you saw what appeared to be a brush back pitch featured on a card.  Take a look at #35, Willie Davis.

Sure, it may not have been a brush back pitch, but how often do you see a shot like this on a baseball card?

This next card immediately made me think of GCRL and all the great double play cards he's featured.  This one is #42, Mike Andrews:

I wonder if Mike was able to turn 2....

Another card that made me chuckle when I took a closer look.  This is # 307, Boots Day of the Montreal Expos.   Take a close look at his left foot...

It kind of looks like he's wearing a boot, doesn't it??

Now I know what you're thinking, where's the vertical card love?  They can't be all horizontal cards, right?

Check out the potential pain coming up in this shot of Mark Belanger, card # 253.

How about that crease!!

Looks like a high knee to the solar plexus, another rasslin' move!!!

Finally, how many cards do you see in today's market that show you an error about to be committed?  Card #456, Dick Green, doesn't show us how to field a ball cleanly...

I love this set, and I'm looking forward to picking up more of it some time.  There's only 9 more weeks until Labor Day weekend, and the return of the monthly card show to the nearby mall. 

I better not wish for summer to end too fast, it just started...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Great action shots... especially the Andrews. I'll have to go through my 73's to see if I have any cool ones.

  2. I always remember a brush back picture from what I think was 1996 Stadium Club of Mar Vizquel - possibly another great middle infielder.

  3. On the Boots Day card,I always thought it looked like Tito Fuentes is giving someone the finger haha.

  4. On the Boots Day card,I always thought it looked like Tito Fuentes is giving someone the finger haha.