Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Serial insanity cards 851-855

With the number of cards acquired hitting the 855 mark, that means that the set is now 57% complete.  Here's the next 5 cards for your viewing pleasure.

Card # 851:  David Wells

Serial Number:  1039
Team:  San Diego Padres, card #32 out of 50

To be honest, I never thought of David Wells as a great pitcher.  Dave was good, he was a lefty, he had a long career.  But when looking at Wells' stats, he really wasn't that bad a pitcher either. The one stat that jumped out at me was that his SO/BB ratio was over 5.0 five different seasons.   Not too shabby....

Card # 852:  Mark Trumbo

Serial Number:  1245
Team:  Los Angeles Angels, card # 40 out of 50.

Trumbo's card means that the Angels are the first team to 40 cards.  Definitely not where I thought they'd be now.  LA finding ways to keep Trumbo's bat in the line up this year.  39 games at first, 23 in the outfield, 13 at DH.  Reminds me of Pujols early in his career...

Card # 853:  Derek Jeter

Serial Number:  1118
Team:  New York Yankees, card # 40 out of 50

Right on the heels of Trumbo, Jeter gets the Yanks to the 40 card mark.  Where do I start with Jeter?  How about 12 seasons above .300, another 4 between .290 and .299.  The fly in the ointment was 2010, when he only hit .270.  See you in the Hall Derek....

Card # 854:  Bob Brenly

Serial Number:  1483
Team:  Arizona Diamondbacks, card # 28 out of 50

Raise your hand if you remembered the Brenly played for the Blue Jays in 1989.   Yea, neither did I.  I'm sure he'd like to forget his time there as well, .170 average in 88 ABs I'm sure was a very forgettable time north of the border for the 2001 World Series champion manager.

Card # 855:  Chris Iannetta

Serial Number:  940
Team:  Colorado Rockies, card # 22 out of 50

Geez, I gotta get out more.  Iannetta is in his eighth season?  By the way, the pitchers need to help him out more in Anaheim, 48 stolen bases against at this point of the season is not good....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Raises hand on Brenly!

    Only because I remember seeing him play while freezing my hinder off at the Ex in April.