Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You thought last night was bad?

Yes, I was hard on myself last night.  Disorganization could have been my middle name, but my parents chose Robert instead...

Another of my faults is my ability to become easily distracted.  I can sit down at the computer, start typing up a post, then a thought will come in my head, maybe about an auction, or an email, or something just totally random. 

6 hours later, the post still sits half finished.  The cards on the table aren't packed. 

Yea, that's bad.  How have I tried to remedy the situation?

I set myself a timer.

Yes indeed, that is my iPhone, with a timer set on it.  This is actually the fourth time I've set a block of time aside to work on my blog/collection.  Sad, isn't it??  You know what's worse..

It works.

Yea, with a specific amount of time set aside to do nothing but post, sort, pack envelopes, or put cards away, I actually get shit done.

The first 3 times I timed myself, I set the clock at 2 hours.  I actually was able to get posts completed, cards put away and shipped, and was happy when I finished.  The 4th time I set the timer for 90 minutes.  Yep, still getting things done.

So the next time you sit at your desktop/laptop/iPhone and read one of my posts about hockey...

Will he be making spectacular saves somewhere else this year?

Or baseball...

1 of the 70

Chances are that the post was written under duress....

At least the duress that can be created by an iPhone timer.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. "Disorganization could have been my middle name, but my parents chose Robert instead..."

    Wait, your name is "Robert Robert?" ;-)

  2. I understand where you are coming from. In college, I always did my best work when waiting until the last minute, and definitely put the "pro" in procrastination...

  3. Seriously! With all the techniques for focusing and GSD, I set my phone timer as well, try to get up at least once / hour (or else 6 hours go by and I'm still sitting there, "working on 'x.'" Frankly, all the techniques just seem to add up to adding to my procrastination in all the internet "research" I'm supposed to be doing. ; )

    Thurman Munson is the man, by the way. As if the entire world didn't already know. "1 of 70" implying there are 69 more in your collection? Some obscure reference to 1970 and his rookie year?