Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's like I have my own personal shopper

I received an unexpected envelope in the mail today, from one of my faves in the land of the blogs.   Max over at the Starting Nine blog sent me some cards, and it appears as if he heads to a show with a copy of my personal want list in his brain.

11 cards, all of them right on the money.

Max digs the insanity set, so he knocked 2 more off of my list for me...

Ohio players only on this excursion, including Griffey Jr who makes his first appearance in the insanity set with card #1491.

Max knows I'm very partial to the team featuring the blue bird, so he sent me a few.  Here are my favorite 3...

The trio features the Wal Mart parallel of Shawn Camp from 2011, a Bowman's Best card of Jose Bautista, and my favorite card of the three, the Game Changers insert from 2012 Topps Finest.  The Jays logo is in a shiny background, which looks a lot better in person than in the scan.

Max also sent me a card towards my Joe Sakic PC, one that I'd never seen before.

If RC's in the 80's were handled the way they are in today's card world, this is what Joe Sakic's rookie card might have looked like.  This is actually a lost rookies insert card from 03-04 Topps. 

Last up, we have a couple of Maple Leafs.  First let's start with the new...

I really like Tyler Bozak as a player, and if his defensive zone coverage ever improved, he would be such a solid player in the NHL, because his offensive skills are good and his ability to win face-offs is among the best in the league.   This card I already have for the set, so it goes with the Leafs collection.

Finally, I almost fell over when this card came to my eyes...

A vintage beauty

Hot Damn!!  57-58 Parkhurst Jim Morrison.  If someone hadn't taken tape and pulled off a fair portion of the left hand side of this card, it would be no worse than NM.  The corners are in great shape, the back is flawless, and the surface is smooth.   A great addition to the collection! 

Max, thank you again for this great surprise, it really is appreciated!!

Blogger generosity at its finest....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. The tape strip actually left a cool instagram effect to the card.

    It looks more vintage that way.

  2. Bozak is going to be a soilid player. But at the rate the teams is barfing up 2-3 goal leads...yikes.