Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sometimes it's better when you don't know

Now that the wife and I have become in tune with 21st century technology, we've used it to our benefit.  The two of us went from "anti-texters" to a couple that will send 3-4 texts discussing what came in the mail that day.

Most days my wife gets home from work before I do, and if there are any goodies in the mail for me, she'll send me a text.  Yesterday was no different, except it was different.

"2 boxes today" was the text.   What???  I was lost for a while, trying to figure out what I could be receiving in boxes.

It took me a while to figure out one of the them, it was from a "retired" blogger who has been very good to me in the past.   I'm going to have a lot of fun posting the contents of that box in the coming days.  The 2nd one still baffled me.   There were no eBay auctions that I had won.  The trades that I had completed with fellow bloggers recently were small in nature, and should not have required boxes to ship to me.

When I looked at the box, I knew right away who it was....but still had no idea what it was...

One of the best traders out there, Ryan from "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog had sent me a package out of the blue.  What was inside was an absolute shock...I'll let you read the note to get an idea.

I have only two words for that note......holy shit.....

Blogger generosity at its finest.  Come in handy?!  Oh hell yes....

Remember I said "box".   88 cards came in that box.  All '75s.  Not one double, all of them I needed for my set.  They weren't all commons either. 

How about that for the first card you see out of the box! 

Chatham, Ontario's own Fergie Jenkins. 

Singleton appears to be watching a fly ball, maybe during BP.  I hope that George Foster didn't hit in that stance, because that just looks painful with those shoulders hunched over like that.  Two great sluggers of the '70s, now in my possession. 

Love how Topps did a retrospective of all the MVP's in each league from each of the first 25 seasons that they produced cards.  By the way, I still need the actual '64s featured on the left (Brooks Robinson and Ken Boyer).

OK Red Sox fans, altogether's Bucky @%$@ing Dent!!

Not only did Topps airbrush Elias Sosa's cap, but it almost looks like they airbrushed his face as well.  Doesn't show well on the scan, but if you have the card, take a look at it.  Elias has a very pale look about him...

What would a post about mid to late '70s Topps cards be without featuring the fellow above!  You know I just had to.....

I could go on and on scanning cards and showing the awesomeness of this gracious package sent by Ryan.  This generosity moved this set from a "may complete" in 2013 to a "should complete".  The want list has been updated; the set is now 2/3 finished.  Still have the Gary Carter and Jim Rice RCs to pickup, along with a handful of star cards that will set me back a few bucks (Aaron, Rose, Ryan to name 3.)

If it doesn't get completed, it's nobody's fault but my own.  Ryan, thank you very much for the generosity!!  

Yea....I owe him....big time..

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Very cool, Robert!

    Love the "Ryan Express".

  2. You don't owe me anything. Since I'm getting out of the set building business, i figured you could use what I had of my failed '75 set. Just don't feature my awful handwriting on your blog again!

  3. That's your handwriting? I though it was a prescription for Zanax.

    Those are some nice cards for sure.