Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pass the mustard + one of the best photos I've seen on a card

Blogger generosity.  I've written about it several times in the past.  Yesterday I received one of the best envelopes in the mail that I've received since I started the blog.   This one was from Brian over at the Classic Card Collector blog. 

Out of the blue, Brian sends me an email, saying he has a bunch of '73 Topps cards that he would rather see me enjoy than have them sit in his doubles box. 

Wow!  What a great stack of goodness I had bestowed upon me.  100+ 1973 Topps cards, + 5 for the insanity set.  Going through the '73s, I saw 2 that stood out for me right away.

The first one was a Rookie Cup card of Dave Roberts.

Those early Padres uniforms were definitely yellow!!   I don't think that I ever saw those uniforms when I was a youngster, my first memories of the Padres were of the brown tops later in the decade.  "Pass the mustard" was just something that came to my head when I looked at this card. 

A little research into Mr. Roberts showed that he was the 1st pick overall in the 1972 draft, and played in the '72 season!  The '73 season was Roberts' career year, hitting .286 with 21 HRs.  The '74 season was a complete disaster for him, hitting just .167 in 318 ABs, after that he spent the better part of the next 8 seasons bouncing around as a utility player (in '79 Dave played every position in the field except for shortstop and pitcher), finally retiring after the '82 season.

This next card is one of the best photos I've ever seen on a card, and I'm sure that it is kicking around in one of GCRL's double play binders:

It appears as if Tony Perez is going to be safe at first base on this play.  (turns out he was) Love the cloud of dust around 2nd base after what looks like a hard slide.  Bench took out Dick Green to break up a double play...great photography!

This card just reinforces my love for this set.  This is one of about half a dozen action shots that were in the lot of cards that Brian sent me.  I'll feature those in posts over the next few days.  There were even some cards in the lot that were "well loved" that I'll show as well. 

Brian, thank you very much for the cards, they really were appreciated here!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your package and the cards have a good home.

  2. I really need to get my hands on a copy of both cards you featured in this post. A pair of pure "masterpieces" in every sense of the word.

  3. I have the Roberts in my rookie cup collection, but I had never seen the DP card. It has to be the best DP card I have ever seen, even though it isn't a DP. I must track one down.

  4. Love the second card. If it has dust in the air is cool! The dust this days is no longer that easy to get all cloudy like before.

  5. The A's card is so cool. Love being able to see a play at both plates in one picture