Sunday, January 6, 2013

It only took me 12 days to figure out how to write this up.

Yes, I know it's been 12 days since Christmas, and everyone and their brother has written about the cardboard related presents that they received under the tree, in their stocking, etc. 

It honestly took me 12 days to figure out how to write about these 2 boxes.  Here's the back story for you...

It's Christmas evening, we're doing the standard passing out present to members of the family, and as the unwrapping and the smiling nears its end, there are a few presents still remaining under the tree.  My sister-in-law has told everyone in the room that they are "alternative" presents.  Not something that you would buy in a conventional store. 

What scared me was that the 2 biggest boxes were mine.  18" long x 12" wide by about 6" high.  2 of them.  They weren't light.  I was also instructed that I had to wait until everyone else opened theirs before I could open mine. 

Here's a picture of one of them...

Not sure what to think here.  I finally get the green light to open the first one, and to what do my wondering eyes see?

An absolute mishmash of baseball, football, basketball, teenage mutant ninja turtle, terminator and other assorted cards.  Just placed in the box, all unorganized and disheveled, no protection whatsoever. 

Oh, and here's box #2

Topps, Donruss, Fleer, Pro Set, Upper Deck, they're all in there.  I even found a ton of soccer cards from a Pro Set release around 1990.  If you look hard at the left hand side of this last picture, you'll even see a GI Joe card.  My sister-in-law found them, and from what she was told somebody was going to send these to a charity auction. 

I've found about a dozen collect-a-books in there so far.  DC Comics cards.  Wrestlemania cards from Classic.  A few Garbage Pail Kids cards. No Ponies yet, but you never know.  I'm estimating about 3000 cards between the 2 boxes.  The baseball is mostly 88-91 era stuff.  Same with the football and basketball. 

Here's one interesting card I found while writing this post.

A sweepstakes card from what the '89 Bowman set.  The giveaways were actual '51 Bowman cards of Mantle, Hodges, Ford, Paige and 7 others.  This is actually quite a nice card, it's too bad it was mixed in with the others because it has dings on the corners because of that.   I'm sure that I'll find a couple of more interesting cards in the Christmas boxes when I do decide to go through them. 

There are even a few cards in the boxes that would be considered "well loved".  All I have to say is I'm going to have a helluva lot of fun posting about these over the next few weeks.  You're going to see some stuff on this blog that you thought you would never see.  I never thought about some of this stuff until I saw it in the boxes.  

Who knows, somebody, somewhere, may just want a few of these for their own collection.  Be ready.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Nice of them to give them to you in a form that's so easy to destroy, now you just need to use the lighter fluid and matches you got in your stocking! ;-)

  2. In the middle of box #2, those are Mike Harkey's eyes peering at you! I opened enough late 80's and early 90's wax to recognize those eyes anywhere!

    What a great gift!

  3. I know I've already seen too much of what's on top of that second box.

    I'll trust you to believe that there are goodies down below ;)

  4. I see a Wrestle Mania card in box number 1!

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun, Robert!

    Love the Ford! Those '89 Bowman reprints are about the only redeeming quality of that horrendous set.

  6. I'm crossing my fingers that something good, really good comes out of there.

  7. Gary Redus on top of box #2 -- Alert Jaybarkerfan!!!

    Doctor Octopus in box #1....We'll see what Tobey Maguire has to say about that.

  8. That's really kind of your sister-in-law to go the distance and heave those around, but man, I'm hoping my in-laws just get me packs and hobby boxes! ; )

  9. ...I keep thinking it, so I'll go ahead and share it:

    Just fill those boxes up with water and go bobbing for cards!

    Glad I got that off my chest, thanks. ; )