Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I guess it all just comes down to -age

I often kid with a lot of people about my age.  To be honest, I don't consider myself old really (I'm 45), but there are little telltale signs of my advancement towards middle age.

My last eye test a couple of years ago revealed that bifocals were needed..."welcome to middle age" said the eye doctor.  

My father called me back in October to wish me a happy birthday, and the first sentence out of his mouth after wishing me happy birthday was "you're getting old son!!".  You know you're getting old when your dad tells you that.

I trimmed the goatee last weekend, and noticed that instead of a few gray patches here and there, about 90% of it is now white.  Man, that was fast.

Maybe all of these were a precursor to how I've decided to collect this year.  The two primary ways that I planned to add to my collection this year ended in -age...'s crazy what you notice sometimes when you actually sit down and think, isn't it?

It's been interesting to read the "tweets" the last couple of days, as Topps has released their 1st series checklist.  The buzz is starting to grow in anticipation of the 2013 Series 1 release....

Not me, I'm waiting for Heritage this year.  As you know, the '64 design is one that I really like, and it's featured in this year's set...

Image first posted on  post dated 9/14/2012
This is likely the only baseball set I will put together from the 2013 releases, and I'm actually kind of excited waiting for it. 

I'm also looking forward to completing my '77 set, which is less than 60 cards from completion.

I also have a good head start now on the '73, '75 and '76 Topps sets as well, I'm hoping to come close to finishing those this year, as well as getting a start on the '70 set as well...

I don't remember the Padres unis ever looking like this

We're two weeks into the new year, and I've done well so far with my card purchases, sticking to the resolutions I made for myself. 

Completing sets I've been working on for a while, and working on the vintage sets that I've started.

Only 349 days left in the year, I should be able to hold on to those resolutions....

The Vegas line is 100-1 against me keeping them by the way....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. The '64 in Heritage would be nice - if not for those damn registration trademark symbols next to the name. Really - I think the whole damn world knows you cannot steal the name.

  2. keep me in mind for the extra los Tigres Heritage style

  3. I'm a little bit older than you and I remember the Padres uniforms looking like that. I remember seeing them on CBC playing the Expos - two 100 loss teams. Their uniforms were simplistic as were most of the uniforms at that time (except for the Oakland A's). Once Ray Kroc bought the team he incorporated the McDonald colours into the Padres uniforms (and wow did those uniforms change). I guess if the way the team played didn't stand out at least the uniforms did.