Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hmmm....the best of 2012?

My wife and I decided to do all of our errand running on New Years Day, part of which included trips to Target and Wal-Mart for various items.  Visits to both stores included trips down the card aisle, and after buying a couple of loose UD hockey packs at Target, the following box caught my eye at Wal-Mart.

We've all seen the repack boxes, usually with a couple of decent packs and then a lot of stuff from years past that just couldn't be sold.  What's funny is I saw the "Best of 2012" seal in the lower right, and both of the see through windows on the box had a pack of Bowman Platinum visible, so I figured what the hell why not.  I figured at worst, it would be worth at least one post.

I expected to see maybe 4-5 packs of what was promised on the front, and then probably the rest would be Series 1 or Series 2 to fill out the box.   

Wrong.  The box contained 3 Bowman Platinum, 2 Topps Chrome, and 6 Allen & Ginter packs.  No flagship.  Nothing from past years.  I actually let out an audible "wow", and proceeded to open the packs.

Pack 1:  Topps Chrome

Not much to write home about in this pack...couple of Yankees, no Blue Jays

Pack 2:  Topps Chrome

A little better here.  Pulled a X-fractor of Adam Dunn, which is earmarked for Jeff at 2x3 heroes...

Pack 3:  Bowman Platinum

I hadn't opened 1 pack of these at all.  Had no interest.  $3 for 4 cards is a little steep...

The cards are nice enough for sure, but the price point is just too rich for my blood.  I believe that the Hamilton is a refractor. 

Pack 4:  Bowman Platinum

Nothing overly exciting in this pack, at least for me anyhow.  Somebody out there might think differently however.

Pack 5:  Bowman Platinum

The Robbie Erlin in the upper right is a blue parallel, numbered 140/199.  That spot has already been taken in the SNI set, so maybe Marcus  who is a Padre fan might be interested in it.  I am actually looking forward to seeing how Rivera rebounds from his knee injury.  Miguel Sano in the center?  Well, he can hit the ball quite well, but if you're a fan sitting on the first base line when he's in the infield, you better bring some protection.  Miguel committed a whopping 42 errors at 3B last season, but hopefully his youth is a big part of that (he's only 19).

Nothing overly exciting in these 5 packs, so we'll wait until tomorrow to show you the 6 Ginter packs.

I did a little better with those....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Platinum is just the worst. I bought 3 blasters of Topps Blue Jay. Adam Lind.


  2. that "someone else will have interest" would be this guy, JV & Cabby!

  3. I'll take that Erlin off your hands! I'll swap it for a few serial numbers you're still in need of (963 and 148). Email forthcoming, thanks for having me in mind!

  4. I can use the Betances, Pineda, and Dozier Chromes unless they are already spoken for.

  5. Those are some pretty nice packs for $20. Especially coming from a retail box