Monday, January 14, 2013

Disorganized? Yea, that's me

I am my own worst critic.  Hard on myself?  You better believe it.  I don't know why that was ingrained in me as a child, but when I make mistakes, the Scottish temper flares right up.

There's really no need for it, but it happens.   This evening is a prime example.  I opened an envelope that I received from Sportlots, and part of the package was these 5 cards.

If only Billy knew what was going to happen to him later in the year...

5 1986 Topps cards.  Getting that much closer to the set!!  Why is this bad?

I only needed 7 to finish the set before placing the order.  What the hell??

It's things like that piece of foolishness that make me wonder about myself sometimes.  There's no excuse for ordering 5 out of the 7 commons that I need to finish the damn set.  Come on man, get with the program. [EDIT:  turns out that I actually needed 8 commons...damn you Bobby Valentine]

The best part of the Sportlots fun from last week?  I ordered cards from five different sets that I've been building for various lengths of time.  Five...

Speaking of five, here's 5 cards that I ordered from the 01-02 Vintage set.

So blah of a design, and yet I love the damn set

Now, on the flip side of all this, I at least am proud of myself for one achievement (cheapness is always a thrill..)

I specifically shied away from these cards at the Expo last November, for the specific reason that the table I purchased the other 08/09 OPC commons from wanted 50 cents a card for these.  Sorry, I just couldn't bring myself to pay that kind of change for Patrice Bergeron and Jason Spezza.  18 cents apiece on Sportlots?  Yea, I can do that...

Finally, 33 more of the 2001 Fleer Tradition cards were bought off of Sportlots.  I'm probably suffering from a bit of buyer's remorse with this set, because I realize now that if I had taken the time and thought it through, this set is probably one that could have been set aside for more loftier goals.  Once I got below 100 cards to finish this set, it was a given that that the set needed to be finished. 

Even though I may regret the "overpayment" for the cards, the collector in me still loves this set.  I'm sure that the money spent on it will never be recouped, but in this case, the love of this set will outweigh that.  Just 53 more cards to go until completion.

That's one set I'll be happy to remove from the Fab Five list.   It's been there way longer than it should have been.

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Don't forget that card #51 is supposed to be Bobby Wine but it's mis-numbered as #54. Card #171 is supposed to be Bob Rodgers and it's also mis-numbered as #141. I had this issue when I built the set a few years ago. I couldn't figure out why 2 common manager cards were so hard to find. I'll see if I have any of the 3 you're missing.