Monday, December 3, 2012

My top 25 sets #23: 2012 Gypsy Queen

Set:  2012 Topps Gypsy Queen
Number of cards in set:  350 (300 base cards +50 Variation short prints)
Affordability:  9 for just the base set, 6 if you are going after the SPs (Darvish isn't cheap)
Key RCs: Yu Darvish, Matt Moore, Dellin Betances
Is the set built?: I have completed the base set, but still need 33 of the SPs, including Darvish

What I like about this set:  This set really grew on me over time.  The front features a nice, but busy design, and the photos are a good quality.  A lot of the photos show quite a bit of intensity on the player's faces.  The back of the card is easy to read, and the card number is prominent on the top center just below the team logo. 

What I didn't like about this set:  Some of the SP variations can be pricey, especially the Darvish.  For a set builder such as myself, having to shell out triple digits on a card of a guy who may only last a handful of years in the bigs can be a bitter pill to swallow. 

This is another set that may or may not hang on to a spot in the countdown next year, depending on what else I start during 2013. 

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. The Topps Gypsy Queen sets and UD Masterpieces are a bit similar. But I go for the Masterpieces.

  2. I'm actually a lot closer to finishing the base set for 2012 GQ than 2011, lol.
    I do agree with you on Darvish, and I think that's why I traded most of my SPs the Dimwit, because I never really saw myself completing the full set. I wish I had enough binder space to collect the minis as well, but I mainly focus on the Cardinals for those.