Thursday, December 6, 2012

My top 25 sets #20: 2012-13 O-Pee-Chee

Set: 2012-13 O-Pee-Chee
Number of cards in set:  600
Affordability:  9 (base set), 7.5 (base set + SPs)
Key RCs: Chris Kreider, Sven Baertschi
Is the set built?:   Need about 225 cards at time of writing to complete full set

What I like about this set:  It's the current version of the O-Pee-Chee standard that has been used for the past several years. Interesting that even though Upper Deck is an American company, the positions on the front of the card are noted in English and French (although you couldn't tell by the Carey Price's card above).  The border has a bit of a yellowish tinge to it, but doesn't distract from the overall card design.  The OPC logo is not large as well, another good feature.  The back features the team logo on the upper right corner, the card number is large and easy to see in the upper left corner.  The backs also have complete career stats as well, another plus.

What I don't like about this set:  The card stock on the back makes the cards difficult to read in certain lighting.  The cheap ass in me would love to see more cards in a pack than either 6 or 8 (10 would be great).
I also would like to see more of the players that were actually on the club, instead of using legends year after year. 

The first hockey card set of the countdown, the current OPC release is a solid draw, with the inserts (especially the stickers) being a nice change from the award winners.  The rainbow and retro parallels are only going to get me into trouble...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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