Thursday, September 15, 2011

He says no one is going to trade for this...he was wrong this time...(or a quick trade post)

Good evening all, the weekend is getting closer by the minute, and as usual...I'm ready!  Received another trade in the mail today, this time from Jeremy over at the no one's going to trade for this blog.  Jeremy responded to one of my posts last week stating that he had some cards off of my Topps want lists for the past couple of  years, and we were able to put together a little trade to help each other out.   I'm down to 21 cards total for this years Topps set, and 61 for 2010...getting there slowly.  As usual, I won't scan the base cards, you've all seen them many many times...but he did add in a diamond parallel....a Blue Jay no less!!

Number 102 so far

Thanks again Jeremy, the trade is appreciated!!  Thank you for reading....Robert

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  1. I'm glad you liked the cards. The Davis card is nice. I was hoping you would like it. It's a Blue Jay. I like it because it's an action shot.