Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random thoughts for a Thursday

Getting closer to the weekend folks..and you know what Thursday means, time for some random thoughts.

  • I absolutely LOVE the way Brendan Shanahan is handing out discipline so far in the NHL.  I don't think any other sport actually has their disciplinarian making videos showing exactly why a player has been suspended, while explaining what the exact rule is that has been broken.  If you haven't seen any of these videos yet, take the time to look at the James Wisniewski video and see exactly what I mean.
  • The baseball season has come to an end, my Jays are on the outside looking in again, and the Pirates are well...the Pirates.  It should be an interesting post season this year, right now I like the Phillies to win it all.
  • Both the Bills and the Lions are currently 3-0 in the NFL.  I watched the game against the Patriots on Sunday, and after the Bills went down 21-0 I thought they were dead in the water.    Funny, but the Lions were down 20-0 to the Vikings, and they came back as well.  The announcers of the Buffalo game mentioned a stat where teams that started 3-0 over the past so many years made the playoffs 79% of the time.  Anyone out there think that both of these teams are going to help that stat or hurt it??  Here's saying that both of these teams HURT this stat this year.
  • Anyone out there think that the mandatory waiting period for the baseball HOF should be waived for Derek Jeter?  I do.  Don't get me wrong, I despise the Yankees, but this guy is a true class act and was overshadowed by other shortstops his whole career.  Ripken, Rodriguez, Tulowitzki all had the big power numbers, the adulation, and all Jeter has done day in and day out is produce in the media circus that is New York.  
  • Has anyone out there really noticed that the NBA is in a lockout?  If Lebron James sinks a basket from behind the mid-court line but nobody is there to watch it, does it really go in?  Several hundred thousand people on the shores of Lake Erie would say  "hell no" to that question.  Basketball in my opinion is really shooting itself in the foot by extending this lockout, because baseball is heading into the postseason, the NFL is in full swing, and the NHL is getting ready to start next Thursday.  The NBA is on the back pages right now, and will likely stay there until a deal is imminent.
  • Have to post something about cards or card blogs here don't I?  Well, only the Night Owl can turn Fleer Checklists into an entertaining and insightful blog post.  Here are 3 items that I bet Greg can turn into blogging gold.  [Ed:  This is meant in fun, and not mean spirited in any way]
    1. Turning change under the couch cushions into the blaster box he swore he'd never buy again.
    2. "dummy cards" in packs.....Friend or Foe??
    3. Why the California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels will always be an inferior, 2nd rate LA team because of the DH rule. 
  • You know you're getting old when it's been 20 years since a song has been released, and you only think that it was last year.....Nirvana is the song choice this week...

Thanks for reading....Robert     (43 days)

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