Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 8 is done and hockey season is upon us.

TGIF!!  With Friday comes the end of another week for my blog.  Week 8 was a very quiet week after Monday was done.  Only one trade was finalized, and no other trades were started.  After blowing out the doors the first 7 weeks, I'm sure it was my time to cool off.  The only purchase I made during the week were a couple rack packs of Topps Lineage at the Wal Mart on the weekend, which incidentally coincided with the purchase of a new scanner/printer.  The $20 I didn't use this week will hopefully be spent well at a card show on Saturday.

This week also saw the start of preseason games in the NHL, and yes I am excited.  I cannot wait for the regular season to start for my Maple Leafs on October 6th versus the Canadiens.  I don't know if any of you have looked lately, but I have updated my Hockey want list, and believe me that is only going to be a fraction of the sets that I plan to have on there before too long.  Notice as well the sad addiction to parallel sets.  There's 3 of them on there, one from as far back as 94-95 (yes, I'm shaking my head).  But now that I'm blogging, I hope to find more hockey collectors out there as well, and work on getting some of these sets completed.

Over the next little while I'm also going to scan a few of the jersey cards I've collected over the years, mostly off of cheapo eBay auctions.

Two color swatches
On the left is a Cam Neely Winning Materials dual jersey card from 07-08 SPx.  Naturally I like the black and yellow swatch on the right.  On the right is an Ales Hemsky 05-06 UD Ice card, with the copper and red swatch.  These are both up for trade, as are about 70 other jersey cards I've collected over the years.   Take a look and if you see something you may want, send me an email or leave a comment. 

Thanks for reading, Robert...

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  1. Could you set the Selanne relic aside for me for a future trade?