Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 8 begins..and week 7 purchases all arrive simultaneously

Good Saturday morning to all, hope that your weekend has started off well.  I have many purchases to talk about, the first being a nice little 10 card lot I received off of the bay this week.  Record fast shipping as well, I paid for it on the 13th, had it on the 16th.

First two of what I hope to be many Jays relics

A couple of decent Jays relics, an '02 Josh Phelps Tools of the Trade from Topps, and an '07 UD Game Materials Alex Rios.

Assorted Gold/Chrome etc.

All in all I'm quite happy with this purchase...$0.99 + $3 s/h, got me 10 cards that I didn't have, including a couple of numbered Topps Gold parallels, along with 5 chrome cards from various years, and a Travis Snider RC from 2009 UD A piece of history.

These 10 bring the current count to 555, with more coming in trades in the near future.

Next up, we have another auction that was won on the bay this week, this time from a fellow blogger, The Real DFG.  Now this is a guy that I am willing to do trades/sales with again in the future.  Not only does his blog name remind me of Rick Steiner, but his auctions are top rate, and the card he sent me was hermetically sealed for freshness!   Once I broke down the package, this little beauty for my Maple Leafs collection was inside..

'10-11 the Cup base
Phil Kessel, who I'm hoping pots 40 goals this year, is featured on the card here.  Base card #9, serial numbered 031/249.  DFG, thanks for the opportunity to add this to the collection!!
(oh and BTW, lighting fast shipping as well, 3 days between auction win and card in hand)

Finally, I received a great little package from Jon over at the Community Gum blog today, a nice little value pack which included some Topps Lineage parallels...

2 more to add to the Jays pile

Aaron Hill Diamond parallel and the platinum parallel of Doug Drabek's boy, Kyle.  I was glad to see that the Jays brought Kyle back up, and using him in the pen will put less pressure on him for the rest of this season.  Jon also threw in as a bonus a Jays team set from the Lineage release, much appreciated.  

Finally, this is my favorite card of the bunch....

Scan doesn't do the card justice
A great auto/bat card of Jays catching phenom J.P. Arencibia.  I saw the card up for sale on Jon's blog, and asked via comment what a price would be.  The quote was very reasonable, and voila!  3 days later this beauty is in my hands, never to see the light of day again (except when I take it out to look at it). 

All in all, a good week for adding cards to my collection, and all 3 purchases were made for around $26 (including s/h), keeping me below budget for the week. 


  1. Sweet Arencibia! That's a great-looking card right there.

  2. I totally have to find me a JP auto bat!

  3. Greg, I wasn't really a Bowman Platinum fan, but the scan really does not do the card any justice. Ted, I'll keep an eye out for one of these for you as well, I consider myself very lucky to find this one...

  4. Slow to respond, but very glad you enjoy the cards! It's awesome to see that J.P. in the background (at least for the time being).
    And as I said in the email, we'll be trading one of these days. I just need to get caught up and organized a little first.
    Thanks again!