Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random thoughts/stuff for a Thursday

Wasn't sure if I was going to be able to come up with anything for my Thursday randomness, but a couple things have sprung to mind, so here we go.

  • In my previous post, I posted a trade and mentioned the diamond parallels from this year's Topps set.  I was poking around the other day, curious to find out when the Topps Update set is going to be released.  When finding out the date (October 5th), I also stumbled upon the fact that there will be 330 more diamond parallels added to the set.  I thought for a minute and said "what have I gotten myself into"?  990 total parallels, of which I now have 102, am I crazy??  This is one part of my collecting vice that tends to create problems for me.  I fall in love with parallels, such as the diamonds, and start to collect them.  Then, when the next year comes along, or the next big thing, then the old collection falls by the wayside (watch for a  post on the 94-95 UD Hockey Electric Ice parallels when hockey season starts, you'll get the drift).  Honestly now, I have to make a I go full bore and try to finish this set, or just grab a few more and use them as trade bait down the line.  Maybe it's time I develop a little discipline like a lot of other bloggers I see out there and keep focused on a specific goal.  Speaking of other bloggers..
  • I actually won something in a contest!!  Unbeknownst to me, Larry over at the sewing maching guy on cards blog ran a contest when he hit 100 followers (congratulations again on the milestone Larry ! ).  If it wasn't for Potch from Indianaland emailing me this morning to let me know he received his end of our trade, I may not have found out for a day or 2 that I even won.  Best of all, Larry is giving away 3 PSA 8 Graded cards, all 3 HOFers.  2nd year cards of Robin Yount and Eddie Murray, along with a '81 Fleer of George Brett.  Some nice swag moving about...thank you Larry, it is appreciated on this end.  Oh, now that I mention contests...
  • I'm sure that I will be running one someday.  I would do it at 100 posts, but I yammer on too much and that will be an easy goal for me to attain.  Let's shoot then for 50 followers.  I'm at 37 now, and have been in a holding pattern since the 4th.  I'm sure that I'll have some time to acquire some more items before I hit 50 followers....speaking of followers and contests....
  • Ryan over at this card is cool - my life in baseball is running a contest, and to enter you have to give some input on how many blogs you follow/read , and how you access them.  Check it out when you get a moment or three.  And finally, as I normally end my random thoughts, you get some.....
  • Random music for a Thursday....I've seen these guys 4 times, sadly all were after Keith Moon had passed away.  But I will always remember the time I watched them in a rainstorm just outside of Pittsburgh.  I still remember it as one of the best concerts I have ever seen.....this is my favorite song of the Who.
Thanks for reading everyone....Robert

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  1. hey Robert, looking at your wants/needs, I can get you about 60 of your 2011 Heritage, in return for a some of your Heritage and Lineage. If you want, email me thughes281 at yahoo.